Now You See Me- Review

     If you’ve ever experienced a card trick or illusion for the first time, you’ll likely remember how confused and amazed you felt. This bewildered feeling may even lead you to attempt to decipher how the supposed magician managed to trick your mind. Whether or not you figured out the magic trick or not doesn’t bear any relevance. The important thing is that the magician grasped your full attention, and reeled it in like a fish on a hook. That is ultimately every magician’s goal.

     Now You See Me takes that idea to extreme new heights. It blends the nostalgic touch of a heist story with a magic twist, giving a fresh and thought provoking experience for any audience. It’s simply, for lack of anything better, mind blowing.

     I remember seeing this movie for the first time and having my jaw dropped almost the entirety of it. Everything that I predicted would happen, took a dramatic turn, leaving me floored. Sure, most of the big heists got explained by other characters later on, but some of the magic remained a mystery. This left me wondering, and still pondering to this day: how was it done?

     Of course, this movie boasts a great lineup of actors and actresses. Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine and even Morgan Freeman are all great as their respective roles. The chemistry between the four main protagonists (Eisenberg, Franco, Harrelson, and Fisher) works really well, and provides levity. You honestly can’t go wrong with the setup these actors bring to the table.

     What really sets this movie apart from any other heist movie is its creativity. What I mean is that every trick and performance that The Four Horseman do is connected in some way, but they’re unique in their own light as well. The film has the ability to drag you into the grand scheme of why the Horseman are doing what they’re doing, and who they are appealing to. It seems extremely predictable to the naked eye, but ends up surprising you at every turn. When you think the CIA and Agent Rhodes (Ruffalo) are onto the track, the Horseman slip away and gain an extra few steps ahead of them.

All of these things ultimately lead to a highly enjoyable experience that can be rewatched multiple times. It’s paced well, has decent story elements, amazing magic trick stunts and great visuals. If you’re looking for a movie to leave you guessing and stuttering for an answer, Now You See Me is a great option.