LOGAN is a culmination that captures the character of Wolverine in it’s purest, visceral form.

James Mangold’s film balances the emotional pressure of delivering on Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as well a film that improves the medium as a whole. He’s successful on both fronts because LOGAN truly shines in every way.

A film that firmly goes into my top ten comic book films ever, Logan presents a true journey from start to finish. Great character performances from Patrick Stewart’s Xavier, Dafne Keen’s X-23 and of course a magnificent performance from Jackman himself truly elevate the film to the highest level. As advertised, Logan does not follow on conventional comic book movie tropes. While the action is heavy and brutal akin to Wolverine’s comic book style, the focus on character building over a universe building plot greatly benefits the film.

Logan doesn’t set out to answer each and every question it presents to the viewer nor does it try to connect the puzzle pieces of the X-Men universe. The fact is, it shouldn’t. Logan truly shines because it remains simple in it’s goals and in it’s focus on Logan’s journey, beginning and ending with him.

Overall, Logan truly shines from start to finish, headlined with great character development, brilliant preformaces and beautiful cinematography. Logan is simply one of the best comic book films ever made.

Thank you Hugh Jackman for 17 years of Wolverine.