Kong: Skull Island-Review

Kong: Skull Island is a grand and visually beautiful movie. Monster movie fans will have a lot of fun with this one.

I was lucky to have attended a screening last week for Kong: Skull Island. I’ve seen many Kong films from the past but one of the things that I felt was missing was the sense of scope that Kong deserves. Jordan Vogt-Roberts delivers on that with the largest Kong to date and an environment which perfectly blends with him.

Larry Fong cinematography shines as soon as you land on Skull Island. Each environment and landscape you see truly gives you the sense of beauty but also destruction. There are a few shots of Kong interacting with his island that perfectly show Fong’s work.

Kong: Skull Island doesn’t set out to make a huge emphasis on plot, rather it is all about the spectacle. For Monster Movie Fans, this actually pays off because at it’s heart, it’s truly a fun popcorn movie where a 100 foot Kong is taking down monsters. If that was the goal, it truly succeeds. Fans who complained that there was not enough Godzilla in his film will not be disappointed with Kong because he is a prevalent character throughout the film.

Overall, Kong: Skull Island captures all the spectacle and epic nature of Kong while leaving the viewer excited for the future of this franchise. I enjoyed it.