Wonder Woman-Review

WONDER WOMAN is a beautiful and majestic entry into the DC Cinematic Universe.

A film that truly carried 76 years of pressure on it’s shoulders, Patty Jenkins delivers on every front in a film that is poweful, inspiring and groundbreaking.

Gal Gadot truly radiates as Diana. Seeing her play an innocent Diana that slowly evolves into the Wonder Woman we see in Batman v Superman is truly amazing and proves Gal was the continues to be the perfect choice for the role.

The rest of the cast, especially Chris Pine, deliver great performances that complement Wonder Woman without ever outshining her.

Patty Jenkins brilliantly directs Wonder Woman’s first solo film and has broken the door on her way in as one of the best best comic book directors in the game. Patty will prosper in this medium for years to come.

The film was written well, with a story by Zack Snyder and Alan Heinberg that has the grand, epic feel of previous DCEU entries while also bringing something fresh and new.

Wonder Woman carries many of the same internal beats of that Man of Steel and Batman v Superman special. The film carries itself as an individual, amazing origin story while also expanding the DCEU, all while carrying a powerful statement.

In short, Wonder Woman is nothing short of spectacular. It is truly a majestic film that does justice to the monumental character of WONDER WOMAN. The film 76 years in the making was finally delivered and it didn’t disappoint.