War for The Planet of the Apes-Review

Matt Reeves finale to one of the best modern trilogies in film history is nothing short of spectacular.
War for the Planet exemplifies the meaning of a film being powerful, resonant, meaningful and beautiful . Following through the eyes of Ceaser, arguably one of the fleshed out protagonists of the 21st century, War for the Planet is as much of a personal character film as it is a social commentary on modern society, politics and fears.
You feel Ceaser’s pain and well as full encompass of his journey. From his beginning days in RISE to his growth and realization in DAWN and finally the conclusion of his arc in WAR, Planet of the Apes gave all of us a protagonist that is almost Christ like in nature, having many of the qualities you’d see in our most resonant heroes.
Matt Reeves continues to establish himself as one of the best in the film making business with War for the Planet. From the beautiful plot, the striking cinematography, the ability to operate in dark tones and the courage to take a blockbuster franchise like Apes to a very resonant, bleak and beautiful level, Reeves fires on all cylinders. Where most popular franchises go for the action comedy crowdpleasers, Reeves goes for a deeper and more heartleft approach akin to blockbusters like Logan, Batman v Superman & more.

War for the Planet of the Apes is a beautiful film and an epic conclusion to Ceaser’s arc while providing a mirror to our society and painting a picture worthy of all of our praise. War for the Planet gives this Apes trilogy a platform as one of the greatest modern trilogies we’ve ever seen.