IT is a good film that carries the perfect mix of heart, horror and fun to create a great experience.

Based on Steven King’s novel, this interpretation of the story follows closer to the source than its predecessor.

While I feel the original IT varies from average to alright, with Tim Curry being the highlight, Bill Skarsgård brings new life and flair to the role of Pennywise which keeps you captivated from start to finish.

The real heart of the film comes with the Losers Club. Most of the kids did a great job acting in their respective roles. Bill & Bev were the standout characters in my eyes.

I rarely watch horror and made an exception for IT, even with my lack of horror movie experience, IT never truly “frightens” me, rather truly entertain and thrill. The film does a great job not going for constant jump scares and instead use tension to create fear.

Overall IT was a good film and one of the best overall films of 2017. I look forward to Chapter TWO.