Snow Steam Iron-Review

Snow Steam Iron is a beautiful short film by Zack Snyder.

Operating on virtually no budget, Snyder’s visual style shines through. A silent film that uses strong, powerful and disturbing imagery to bring context, Snow Steam Iron is a visceral experience, all while viewing it from the comfort of the social app, VERO.

A passion project and one that comes after adevastating  tragedy, Zack Snyder shows everyone that creating art doesn’t always require millions of dollars worth of budget. Sometimes, all you need is an iPhone, some friends, family and a vision.

The film is available for everyone to watch free on VERO on Zack Snyder’s account and I highly recommend you all to watch it while we wait for his Justice League film in November.

A short, silent and beautiful film, Zack Snyder proves in Snow Steam Iron that his visual style will pierce through any lens, whether it be an IMAX camera or an iPhone one.