Thor Ragnarok: Review

A Love Letter to the Comics.

When Thor Ragnarok was first announced, it didn’t really get catch my interest as I wasn’t a huge fan of the previous films. As soon as Taika Waititi came on board I instantly got excited because I’m a huge fan of his storytelling and filmmaking. I knew we would get something special with this film and we did. Thor Ragnarok will impress longtime comic book readers will fall in love with the simplicity and purity of these characters. Thor Ragnarok is a beautiful love letter to the Silver Age. It honors the style of legends like  Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. In Taika’s film, you can see their art and style come to life.


The performances are all great as each member deliverers their lines perfectly. This is especially so for Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, who were both my personal favorites. Being a huge Norse mythology fan, seeing Valkyries and Thor be an actual thunder god gave me chills. Hela was played wonderfully by Cate Blanchett and it’s clear to see she was having so much fun playing this character. Taika’s Korg also shines and Mark Ruffalo is hilarious as hulk.

The cinematography of Ragnarok is one of the best in a MCU film. This especially true in scenes with the Valkyries and Hela. The sound design and score were fantastic and it’s upbeat synth music worked perfectly with the style and tone.


Not only this a great film, it is also a very important in terms of representation. Directed by a Maori director, Taika used his position to add diversity behind the screen and on camera. He hired an Aboriginal company to supply water and had local tribes to come to bless the production. Fun factthe ship characters escape Sakaar in is painted with the colours of the Aboriginal flag and Valkyrie’s ship is painted in the Tino Rangatiratanga Flags. It is great to see Indigenous and Polynesian minorities get representation in comic book films with Thor Ragnarok and Aquaman, who is played by Jason Momoa

Overall Thor Ragnarok is a colorful and fast paced comedy. It is the purest form of a comic book experience as it carries fantastic character moments some of Marvel’s most dynamic action sequences.