Guest Article: “The Photograph” Theory- By Ken Pejoro

Within the DC Films Universe, there has been so many astonishing moments, great revelations, and cosmic attention. An alien coming to our planet Earth and getting accustomed to our lifestyle, an ordinary local Hero realizing his true path, and an inevitable invasion from far away that will force a meta-human team to come together and fight. We as superhero fans have witnessed so many incredible moments, but there’s always that one small moment in the DC Films Timeline that always sticks out to me and won’t let up; How did Alexander Joseph Luthor Jr. aka Lex Luthor, got a hold of Diana Prince’s (Wonder Woman) “Photograph”?


Interestingly enough, how would Lex Luthor know the significance of the “Photograph” and the story it carries? I’ve read a couple theories, fan theories and some barely sticks as others are far fetch. One theory goes, Lex Luthor faced scanned the “Photograph” and with Lex’s unlimited resources, has found one match, which made him to believe Wonder Woman was a meta-human. But the origin question still remains, what made Lex so curious that he had to scan the “Photograph” in the first place? Was it Wonder Woman’s out of this world outfit that sticks out during that time period? That could be, but there’s got to be a stronger and clearer reason to get Lex’s brain tickled, to go through the trouble of scouring for meta-human evidence, specifically, Diana Prince.

How did Lex Luthor got a hold of Diana Prince’s “Photograph”? My theory, is below…

I’ve dwelled on this for so long, and as all great detectives would conclude; “It’s right in front our your face.” Director Patty Jenkins and Zack Snyder who co-wrote the WW story, subtly showed us the answer… My theory is, Lex Luthor got a hold of the “Photograph” due to the “Photographer.” If you recall, after WW and team, defeated the Germans in that little town square, a picture was taken by a mysterious gentleman and his little assistant. I do believe that the “Photographer” in the Wonder Woman film is a “Luthor” by name. I believe the “Photographer” is Lex Luthor’s Great Grandfather, and that kid standing, assisting him is Lex’s Grandfather. The photographer in Wonder Woman is credited only as “Photographer” played by Pat Abernethy.


This would connect the dots perfectly. After Lex’s Great Grandfather witnessing the heroics of a Wonder Woman in their town, defeating the Germans with great skills and power, and having taken the photograph, he has now documented their town history with proof. The tale of the town savior and the actual “Photograph” would have been passed on through the Luthor family through future generations, ultimately becoming an urban legend to the eyes and ears of Lex Luthor Jr. himself. Have you ever asked your Grandfather or your Dad, for a family story? I’m betting this is how Lex Luthor heard of the town savior and the “Photograph” which opened up this boy’s imagination. Lex Luthor even referenced the background of his father, Alexander Luthor Sr. in Batman V Superman; “Dad was born in East Germany…” Also, with Lex’s knowledge of a super being flying around Metropolis, as intellectual as he is, I’m sure it didn’t take long for Lex Luthor to connect the two together and his curiosity of other super beings exist, therefore the “Meta-Human Thesis” was born.


Now you may refute this theory by stating, the Town in Wonder Woman was gassed by the General, killing all the people. Sure, but we never really saw the “Photographer” or his little assistant die in that gas attack, so it’s safe to say both or at least one of them got away. You may also ask; how did Diana know that Lex has her “Photograph?” My only take away from this was, after WW defeated the Germans, she has decided to hide and keep her super powers a secret (pre BvS). This may has caused Diana concerned realizing that a picture of her exist that can prove her immortality therefore exposing her. Diana may have researched the history of the Town, and tracked down the history of the town’s photographer, and realized that he is a Luthor. Though eventually, keeping her super-powers a secret became a non-issue for her (BvS). Diana’s priorities changed and the reason she has focused all her strength on retrieving her photograph, was to bring back her first love… Steve Trevor.


This is my theory of how Alexander Joseph Luthor Jr. got a hold of Wonder Woman’s picture. There may be other theories out there that may hold truer, but I’d like to think that all things are connected, and not randomly inserted.

Ken Pejoro