Thank you, Zack Snyder


June 26th, 2013. Row 6. Seat 44.

I still remember the exact day that I first watched Man of Steel in theatres.
I remember where I sat.
I remember the Chicago Bulls hat the man in front of me was wearing.
I remember that the only reason I even went to see that Superman movie was because my sister found Henry Cavill attractive and I had nothing else to do.
I also remember how I felt when Lois Lane welcomed Clark Kent to the planet. I remember that smile he gave her when she did. Wide smile. Shining teeth.
”So that’s who they were all talking about.”
Zack Snyder introduced me to Superman.
That screening feels like an eternity ago. It hasn’t really been that long, now that I think about it, but I feel as though I have been waiting for that Clark for a very long time.

Clark isn’t all smiles and sunshine. Lois Lane says something about how you never truly see and appreciate the light unless you spend time in the darkness. Which we all do.
All of us. We have dark moments. A lot of them. Is it really surprising that Superman would as well? Would we really gaze up in wonder at the Last Son of Krypton, were everything else always as bright as the light he shines?


Batman v. Superman: The Dawn of Justice.
The night is darkest just before the dawn, and the dawn is coming.
Zack Snyder allowed for a deconstruction of the two most popular figures of all time. He did this to increase the impact of their heroics. It is my belief that the masses were supposed to be upset at seeing a Superman down on his knees. A towering dark figure casting a vast shadow over the biggest symbol of hope is the reflective mirror our society needs in order to appreciate the bright light that inevitably shines down upon the light-starved masses. Bruce Wayne’s journey is paralleled to those of us who lose our way. We need symbols of perfection to be broken down and repaired in order for us to have some reinstilled sense of hope. Hope isn’t something that gets instilled in one drained of it by gazing at anything lacking imperfection. Hope is born when crippled perfection overcomes imperfection in order to restore past glory.


Justice League.
Row 6. Seat 44.
Seen the highs. Seen the lows.
Spent years watching my symbols of hope turned into figures of controversy.
Justice League, to me, is the closing of the circle. It’s the culmination of a grand story in that it’s the exam in which lessons learned are displayed. The deconstructed heroes are reminded of their past glory and slowly make their ways back to who they used to be. The first time I saw the film in theatres, I could hear the animated Justice League theme go off in my head several times whilst witnessing my childhood heroes band together to prevent impending threat. But it didn’t last. Because you weren’t there throughout the film. Your presence left it and wasn’t there to be seen when it needed to be. Truth be told, the film does lack in some aspects on the technical side of things.
The film doesn’t have the heart and soul of the previous installments to the franchise you started. While it’s not ever present, wherever your imprint remains, the film is elevated. As your fans, we notice the differece between your touch and that of any others.
I don’t know how to write a review for Justice League. At least, not in this very moment. This is a love letter.

We would have waited for you.
Whatever time you and your family needed to process and deal with your loss, we wouldn’t have complained for a single second. But you chose not to delay it.
You chose, rather than to postpone the premiere, to hand the reins over to another. To you, the most important thing was for your fans to witness the culmination of your trilogy in the date you had promised them.
Fans are divided on wether or not this was a good idea, but there is one thing in which we are united; Our love for you.
This magnificent universe wouldn’t exist without you.‬
This stupendous (mostly) trilogy of complexity, passion and utter joy wouldn’t exist you. You’ve inspired me.
You’ve inspired so many of us.
That is an irreplaceable achievment that very few directors can accomplish.

I love you, Zack Snyder.