Five Reasons Why Ultimates 2 is Important

By Contributing Writer- Brandon Gray.

Ever since All New All Different began, after Secret Wars, Marvel hasn’t been doing so well in terms of big events. Civil War 2 did not reach it’s potential in my personal opinion. Monsters Unleashed didn’t grab the attention of many with it’s lackluster story. With the exception of Secret Empire, which I loved, despite the controversy, Marvel has been fairly mediocre.

While it is worth pointing out improvements in their current comics, I feel that attention is much better directed at better comics. There are a plethora of other comics out that transcend the traditional comic event. One event in particular found the perfect balance of diversity, humor, and above all, great character portrayals. In short, this is the comic book event to read for Marvel fans.

What comic is this? Well allow me to show you.

Ultimates 2, written by Al Ewing, directly follows the ANAD (All New All Different) Ultimates run. The roster consisted of America Chavez, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Monica Rambeu, aka Spectrum, and lastly, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.

While the people of Earth were fighting Steve Rogers and his Hydra armada, the Ultimates were doing bigger and better things, such as facing off against Eternity itself, Master Order and Lord Chaos. My personal favorite character, Maker, Reed Richards 1610, made this event of of the most canonically relevant comics in recent time.

Let’s get onto the five reasons why.

#1: Diversity.

This is an overdone and rather tired trope, I even wrote an article about it. “Comic fans” on various Social media outlets has repeatedly complained about diversity only for it to be unsupported and left to become another canceled comic in the $1 bin of your local comic shop. But with a very colorful roster which includes America Chavez, Spectrum, Blue Marvel And T’challa, we have a lot of representation worth supporting.

#2: Depth.

A lot of comics lack depth, a very simple concept. Too many times, comics have been reduced to just beating up the bad guy, celebrate and walk away unscathed. This has become annoying and stale, but Ultimates 2 creates a fresh environment. Full of twists and turns, and with stakes high enough to keep the reader constantly interested.

Each issue places the team against a cosmic level threats that makes everything else in the Marvel Universe look insignificant in comparison. If any jokes were made, they were done with wit and in good taste.

#3: Character Accuracy. 

You ever read a comic featuring your favorite and notice they’re not quite the same character you recognize from their solo titles? We all have. In fact, there are times where heroes and villains seem completely out of out of character in events. While you might play along and keep reading, it just isn’t the same.

Ultimates 2 did none of this, paying special attention to each and every teammate, especially Carol, who had been brought to a very low point due to the mishandling of the Civil War 2 event titles.

A personal favorite moment for me came with T’challa. This moment of the Black Panther facing the spirit of the Tiger God in issue #9 meant so much to me.

Long time Black Panther fans will find and appreciate this a callback to his mystic roots. Being a casual BP fan found myself, I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy and special attention that was paid to the legacy and history of Black Panther.

#4: Clarity

I’ve had the misfortune of reading comics and finding myself is puzzled at the end. Some writers try a too hard to make a title complex, which only ends up making it confusing and convoluted.

This is another important thing Al Ewing was able to pinpoint with dead accuracy. As each issue progressed, I learned more and more about the state of cosmic Marvel, which had been neglected heavily upon in recent years.

#5: The villains. *villain* (Only one one matters)

By far, my favorite villain in the Marvel Universe, Ultimate Reed Richards, also known as the Maker. All throughout the series, the foundations for something huge had been built by him. From his collaboration with the High Evolutionary, to uniting of the multiverse into one combined universe, The Maker was the stand out mastermind in this title. I truly hope we haven’t seen the last of the magnificent character.

From Galactus transforming from the World Eater to the Life Bringer, the team facing a  Chitauri invasion, and the ultimate unraveling of the secrets in the universe, Ultimates 2 is an intelligent, captivating ride from start to finish.