The Chosen One Complex

Featuring; Sheraz Farooqi, Zayyan Farooqi, Omer Kamal, Sameer Hassan, Botan K., Donnia Harrington, Chandler Balli, Keely Sinclair, Aleena V., Alec Chournos, Bia Barbosa, Jeremy Wilkerson, Givonte Robertson, Devin Washington, Beyza Apaydin, Brandon Gray.

Superman-The Quintessential Chosen One


By-Sheraz Farooqi

The story of Superman, the immigrant from the stars, is one known almost universally. To quote All Star Superman, “Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Kindly couple. Superman.”

The story of Kal-El is one of the Chosen One. In fact, I’d go with the notion that Superman is the quincentennial Chosen One. The key to most Chosen One stories is a prophesy, a task, or a burden that only that character can handle. For Superman, the story lies closer to prophesy. This prophesy comes from Jor-El. Jor-El did not sent Kal to any random planet. He had spent months looking for a solution to save his people, with no avail. His research led him to discover Earth, and his scientific findings led him to realize how Earth’s sun and atmosphere would infinitely increase a Kryptonian’s body on a molecular level. By sending his son, the last son of Krypton, to earth, he is also setting his Destiny. In almost every comic book origin or film origin for Superman, Jor-El points out that Superman would be the savior of Earth, setting up his prophesy. While Lara, Kal’s mother, points out the burden that would have on his son. As soon as the rocket left the exploding planet, the tale of the Chosen One began.

As Superman, Kal displays all the mannerisms of a Chosen One. He saves his world countless times, he brings hope, security and happiness to his adopted world and in many ways fulfills the prophesy Jor-El set out for him. Over his many years of adventures, he has carried the weight of the word on his shoulders. Like many Chosen one, this means also making the ultimate sacrifice. On multiple occasions, Superman dies to protect his planet. Whether he goes toe to toe with Doomsday, or sacrifices himself to save the word in All Star Superman, Kal-El is ready to die to save his word.

The notion of the Chosen One was elevated in some variations of the character. While he has always been known as The Last Son of Krypton. This was made even more literal in Man of Steel. In a Kyrptonian civilization that has abandoned natural births in favor of role based controlled births, Kal-El was again, one of a kind. Being the first natural birth in centuries, Kal was not assigned to a role of scientist, warrior or leader. He was free to chose his own destiny. When Jor-El infused Kal’s body with the codex, the source of a billion Kryptonian cells, it gave Superman the best of what his home planet has to offer and naturally is carries the ability to be the best at everything. The idea of being one of a kind is part of the Chosen one trope and Man of Steel hones in on this aspect of Superman.

The burden of the Chosen One is another aspect that Superman faces. As mentioned above, he sacrificed himself on multiple occasions, has held the entire universe on his shoulders when needed and even held the burden of his own people. Superman, more than any superhero, has a universal target on his back. The universe, the good and the bad, knows that the Kryptonian Savior will protect earth and that makes him the target for endless confrontations from the greatest villains in his universe.

Superman was prophesied to be special. Jor-El sent Kal-El to earth specifically not just to be the continuation of Krypton’s legacy but to also be a savior for Earth. He envisioned Kal-El to be the ideal to strive for. He saw the people of earth joining him in the sun. He saw that the people of earth could be a great people if they wished to be, they only lacked the light to show the way. It is for this reason that Jor-El sent baby Kal-El to earth and it is for this reason Superman is the quintessential Chosen One.

Goku-The Destined Chosen One


By Zayyan Farooqi

Goku, the quintessential hero character. Whether you’re a fan of anime or not, Goku is almost universally recognized as one of the greatest fictional characters of all time. He is the true Saiyan of legend, destined to avenge his race, the chosen one. We first see glimpses proving this when Planet Vegeta was being destroyed by Frieza. In his death, Bardock has a vision of his son, Goku, standing face to face against Frieza. He was the last hope of the Saiyan race, the chosen one to finally end Frieza’s tyranny. Through the entire series and currently in Dragon Ball Super, Goku has met his enemies head on and ascended to new heights through the process. In his long battle with Frieza, Goku finally broke his limits after witnessing the death of his best friend to become the first Super Saiyan seen in over 1000 years.

Bardock gif.GIF

Unlike Vegeta who came from royalty and had a strong sense of his Saiyan pride and heritage, Goku was just a low-class warrior who came from humble beginnings. Due to his low power level, he was sent to conquer Earth since it was deemed to be a much weaker planet. He was one of the more weaker characters when he got killed in his fight with Raditz, but after receiving his intense training with King Kai and learning invaluable techniques such as Kaioken and the Spirit Bomb, he quickly started realizing how much power he actually had. Once he came back, he defeated Nappa with ease and just barely defeated Vegeta after their grueling battle. This was essentially the biggest turning point for Goku. It was Vegeta who was born into royalty, the Saiyan elite who was destined for great things, usurped by Goku, a low-class Saiyan.

Soon after Goku continued to defeat his enemies as they came and then had finally stood face to face in battle against Frieza. On the brink of destruction, Goku the lone survivor of the Saiyan race had transformed into the legendary Super Saiyan and had defeated Frieza, avenging his people as his father had foreseen. Even though Frieza was finally defeated, it did not stop Goku from ascending to even greater heights throughout his journey. As the series went on Goku continued to rise in power as he defeated his enemies, becoming the only character who has achieved every form of Super Saiyan. He turned Super Saiyan against Frieza, showed his ability to become Super Goku in the hyperbolic time chamber with Gohan, Super Saiyan 2 against Majin Vegeta, and then Super Saiyan 3 against Majin Buu. In Dragon Ball Super, Goku had made the Super Saiyan God power his own after having only experienced it once during his battle with Beerus, and soon after rose to the level of Super Saiyan Blue.

Now currently in the Tournament of Power, Goku has achieved a state that even the Gods of Destruction strive to achieve, Ultra Instinct. Ultra Instinct is essentially a state of being in which the person no longer needs to think about his moves or actions during a fight but can instinctively react to the current situation. Goku has not only fulfilled his destiny that his father had envisioned but has also been the Earth’s savior on multiple occasions. He is the Saiyan of Legend, pure of heart and awakened by fury, achieving every known form of Super Saiyan and perfecting most. He is the Chosen one, the chosen Saiyan who has broken past every limit he has encountered and continues to ascend to even greater heights.

Harry Potter- The Burden of the Chosen One


By-Omer Kamal

The prophecy of the chosen one refers to the prophecy made by Sybill Trelawney to Albus Dumbledore at the Hog’s Head Pub early in 1980 –

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies….

The prophecy of this chosen one refers to none other than Harry the son of James and Lily Potter. He was born, as the month of July was about to expire. His Parents had defied Voldemort three times and most importantly Voldemort himself marked him as his equal when he heard the contents of the prophecy from Severus Snape who worked for him at the time. The night Voldemort tried to murder Harry the “boy who lived”, he literally marked Harry with the scar that signified his destiny for great power as Voldemort himself transferred some of his own greatness to him when his killing curse backfired and his already unstable body and soul got destroyed and left a fragment behind in Harry known as a “Horcrux”.

The burden of being the chosen one was a heavy one as Harry was burdened to save the world not by the nobility of that choice itself but rather by the sheer force of circumstance. Harry wanted to be a normal teenager. He didn’t choose this life. Harry would rather be on the Quidditch pitch, and at least momentarily he would escape from the expectation that he must fight this war against the Dark Lord because he is the only one who can defeat him. Despite his incredible power, Harry got a lot of help from his friends and mentors. From Ron and Hermione to Albus and Severus, but Harry suffered from a desperate need to be noble and protect his loved ones by distancing himself from them. We saw Harry in Order of the Phoenix isolate himself from everyone causing him to be more susceptible to the mental attacks of Voldemort. Most burdensome of all is that he must die. Death is the ultimate sacrifice Harry must make as the chosen one.  Mentally Harry deals with a very sensitive conflict between wanting to end his painful life and leaving the people he loves, because they saved him many times and exposed themselves to danger solely to protect him. He can’t keep putting them through this pain. Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape both protected him throughout the years and sacrificed their lives so that Harry is put in the best possible position when he finds out he must die. He must die at the proper moment and Voldemort must be the one to do it.

The self-sacrifice he must make to the man he hates the most is the biggest burden of all. The fame and popularity of being the chosen one brings with it responsibility, exhaustion, sadness, regret, empathy, pain and ultimately the burden of knowing that he must die in order for him to be what he was destined to be, the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord.

Kirito-Hidden Potential of The Chosen One


By Sameer Hassan

Kirito isn’t a traditional Chosen One like Harry Potter but rather a Neo character. Someone who comes across on the surface as ordinary but holds great potential. No one could have foreseen how he would be natural at the game of SAO, not even the creator. When 10,000 people get trapped in the game and have to fight for their life, it’s here where Kirito’s gift becomes extraordinary and he steps into the role as the savior or Chosen One of his story.

The entire arc of SAO builds Kirito to the point where he could no longer die. In the fight against The Gleam Eyes, we see Kirito nearly single handedly defeat the monster with his unique skill, dual wielding. The dual wielding skill is given to the player with the fastest reaction time. It is later revealed during the final battle the dual wielding skill was designed for the player intended to stand against the final boss. It is clear here that Kirito is in fact the chosen one.

In the game, Kirito spends most of his time as a solo player. Eventually Kirito places a bet on his freedom in a fight against Heathcliff the leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath guild. Heathcliff has his own unique skill in the game called the Divine Blade which allows the player to switch between offense and defense freely granting nearly impenetrable defense. After a hard-fought battle Kirito is defeated and forced to join Heathcliff’s side. After a series of events Kirito realizes that Heathcliff isn’t who he says he is. It is revealed that Heathcliff is actually the creator of SAO, Kayaba Akihiko. He gives Kirito the choice to fight him right then and there or wait for him at the final level of the game. Kirito chooses to fight for everyone knowing it’s there’s a chance he wins and frees everyone from the prison that is SAO. Kayaba has the obvious advantage being the creator of SAO and knowing all of Kirito’s skills having designed them. He fights as hard as he can and is almost killed before his girlfriend Asuna jumps in the way of Kayaba’s final strike sacrificing herself for Kirito. As she dies in Kirito’s arms, he loses his spirit to fight. We see what we think is the final blow as Kayaba impales Kirito with his sword, and there seems to be no hope. Just as Kirito’s HP bar drops to 0 we see him defy death and do the impossible, picking up his sword, killing Kayaba and winning SAO saving everyone who was still alive and Asuna.

In that moment we see Kirito’s eyes turn from a grayish black to golden yellow.This is not the only case that we see Kirito’s eyes turn yellow. We also see his eyes change in ALO when he is raiding the World Tree, which I will touch on later, and in GGO when he is about to die in his fight against Death Gun. The Yellow eyes appear at moments in the show where Kirito is about to die or does the impossible. Not much info is given on why this happens, but it seems that it is Kirito’s will power giving him the ability to do the impossible as the Chosen One or Hero of the story. 

After Kirito wins SAO a number of players are still trapped inside the system including his girlfriend Asuna. He finds out that Asuna is trapped at the top of the World Tree in the game ALO, a tree that no one has ever been able to climb. Kirito is the first to get to the top of the tree where he fights the main antagonist who is holding Asuna prisoner. Kirito is able to defeat the antagonist by gaining access to Kayaba’s old account. After saving Asuna and helping her escape, Kirito meets Kayaba who gives him the World Seed. The World Seed is the building blocks to new virtual reality worlds. The story was inevitably building up to this moment and how he later builds Accel World which is the culmination of his destiny as the savior.

Frodo Baggins-The Antithesis of the Chosen One



Concerning Hobbits

” The chosen one” is a trope that has been redefined for different characters but always seems to mean the same thing; Only one specific character could’ve pulled this mission off. This one character, the one the narrative follows, is the sole reason as to why the chosen quest was successful.
But what happens when there is more than one main protagonist in a story? What happens when the focus of the story lives in different people rather than a sole champion?

Frodo Baggins is sometimes seen as the chosen one when he is in fact the very antithesis of the trope. This Hobbit was conceived in a time when our world was too familiar with war.
Written in the early forties, Tolkien was writing about Middle-Earth while serving in South Africa with the Royal Air Force. He would send chapters to his son Christopher whilst serving in the army, which in my mind does lend itself a lot as to why the protagonists in the story are normal people who are just trying to live life on a day to day basis before going on their shared adventure to save the world. They’re farmers, gardeners, brewers of ales and smokers of pipe-weed whose only real passion is for food. Some would deem the Hobbits of Middle-Earth to be of little importance, being neither renowned as great warriors, nor counted among the very wise.

What is it then that lends these Hobbits to being the renowned heroes they become?
There is a line of dialogue spoken between the wizard Gandalf and the elven lady Galadriel that pertains to this matter specifically, which I think encapsulates the specific reason.
When Gandalf is asked why he specifically chose to pick the Hobbit Bilbo to be among the very few to set out on a dangerous journey for the greater good, Gandalf gives her an answer that I think J.R.R. Tolkien would have been in fierce agreement with.

“I do not know. Saruman believes that it is only great power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I have found. I’ve found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay – simple acts of kindness and love.
Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps it is because I am afraid, and he gives me courage.”

Tolkien was at war. While at war, his mind probably drifted back home to England. To his family, to his pipe and to peace. To everyday ordinary folk who were simply living life one day at a time, not wondering if the next day would be their last.
The Hobbits are home personified. They are warmth. They are what we should all aspire to be in times when all is at its coldest and most frightening. Being kind will always trump the need to be chosen. We have no chosen hero out there who carries the burden of us all, nor do we get to decide what terrible scenario life puts us in. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

Sailor Moon-Anime’s Most Unique Chosen One


By-Donnia Harrington

Super emotional, addicted to food and a constant cry-baby, these are the characteristics of anime’s most popular Chosen One: Sailor Moon. What makes Usagi such an interesting character isn’t the fact that she’s destined to be the savior of the universe, but how at the end of the day she’s a teenager learning to transition into maturity. Obsessed with love, boys, and at times can be selfish, now has the added responsibility of being a hero. Her journey doesn’t start out easy—the same day she discovers her true identity is Sailor Moon, she finds out that she failed her exam at school. These comparisons between her “real” and “hero” life are essential to her story because despite her abilities, she does struggle and has to learn to balance both sides of her old and new life.

When Luna, Usagi’s guardian cat and advisor, tells her that she has these powers and has to use them to fight evil otherworldly forces, she thinks she’s in a dream—which is completely understandable because cats can’t talk. It isn’t until she’s told to use the now iconic phrase “Moon Prism Power, Make Up!” to transform into Sailor Moon that her previously thought dream becomes a reality. But even then, she’s reluctant to fight. She’s never been in confrontation before, yet has to quickly adapt to her new powers so she can jump into action. Her reluctance both humanizes her and shows that she’s still a teenager who’s growing up. Becoming Sailor Moon pushes her to maturity, but it takes time.

Usagi has to learn to be confident in her ability, work effectively, but mostly, be a leader. As leader, she’s in charge the other Sailor Scouts who are not only her teammates, but also her friends. No team works without conflict and Usagi is always first to cry and run away but she eventually realizes that a leader can’t hide. Her process of being a leader parallels with her growth into transitioning from teenager to young adult. In many ways, her journey is a coming of age story that anyone can relate to. The most terrifying thing about being a teenager is knowing that you have to grow up—no one stays a kid forever, despite how appealing that may sound. Life is bigger than just taking exams, there will be times where difficult decisions have to be made and those moments are what determine your future.

This lesson is prevalent throughout Usagi’s journey. Seeing her transform into Sailor Moon and fight side-by-side with her friends is an accomplishment. She didn’t think she would be able to be a hero, but she proved herself wrong and became the savior of the universe. And the best part is: she’s still the biggest cry-baby. Some things never change.

Batman-The Self-Made Chosen One


By-Aleena V.

People like Bruce Wayne don’t need a transcendent revelation for them to do what they do. They just need the simplicity of an ordinary emotion which brings out their need to protect.

Bruce, eight years of age at the time, saw his parents get killed by a criminal named Joe Chill as they exited a movie theatre, the memory permanently embedded in his mind. There is the guilt of not doing anything and being alive while his parents died that caused his vendetta against crime and injustice, believing that it was the criminal nature of Gotham City that took his parents away from him.

The grandfather clock in the Wayne Manor reading 10:47 pm indicates how everything Bruce does as the Dark Knight has something to do with the trauma he faced at that exact time when Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered. A traumatized Bruce Wayne had become suspicious and pessimistic; refusing to trust anyone easily but there was a love for humanity that was implanted in him that made him want to be the hero Gotham needed.

The reason he is so determined, driven and focused to his cause comes from his psychological state. There are only so many people that channel emotional trauma in to an overall positivity in the long run and see it as a sign to bring change. Bruce’s power, intellect, resources and skill made him feel capable to bring about this change while keeping his real identity a secret. Although, the reason for his bat-like disguise is to strike ‘terror’ in to the hearts of criminals, Bruce refrains from killing, believing that killing won’t make him better than the criminals he fights. It’s his belief and upbringing that caused him to become the hero he is, to do everything he can to be the savior of Gotham City.

There was a serious phase of psychological trauma in his life that overburdened him by the intense emotions eight year old Bruce Wayne was still too young to understand. Those emotions stayed with him as he grew up but what he intended to understand from what had happened to him was the reason why it did. Crime is everywhere; someone somewhere is being targeted by that crime but it was the shock of it all that perhaps caused Bruce to wonder why he had to be the one to face it. His pure intentions caused him to think that maybe it was to induce all these emotions so that he could be the one to avenge the crime that was targeting the good people in his city, not just himself.

What he had to witness as a child had brought up a responsibility. Perhaps just as a masked vigilante, he had to be the one to be the hero of Gotham. The power of this responsibility was why Bruce Wayne created Batman, an ultimate creation for Bruce’s effort to make the entire world a better place; believing that he was chosen to do so.

SHAZAM-The Unlikely Chosen One


By-Bia Barbosa

Billy Batson, better known as Shazam, is a young troubled orphan who goes from foster home to foster home until being put in an orphanage located in Philadelphia. The relaunching of Billy’s origin in the New 52 comics, has made him less optimistic and more selfish. Billy Batson grew up without a family and had never been able to readjust into a family before the Vasquezes, which is the family he is obligated to live with. After the events that lead up to Billy gaining his godly powers, he is essentially chosen by the Wizard to become the hero he is known to be: Captain Marvel or now known as Shazam!

The one the Wizard seeks in this story must be one of good heart and pure good. They will hold the responsibility of defending and protecting the realm of magic. Billy is tested by the old Wizard and like every other mortal before him, he does not have the qualities of a hero, nor does he possess a pure heart. However, Billy argues that no human is purely good due to the world’s cruelty. For such a young age, the Wizard sees wisdom in Billy and believes in a bigger potential in the boy. The Wizard then passes on his powers and educates Billy on how to access his new abilities through the word, Shazam. The word must be said with purpose and belief and of course, always with good intention, not malice.

What intrigues me the most about this story is the idea of a fifteen-year-old boy having the capability of becoming an incredibly powerful hero, with godly features which include, the power of Zeus, the speed of Mercury, the strength of Hercules. Billy Batson has always felt out of place, and lonely. He rebels against his new foster family, but as he begins to spend more time with the other kids in the foster house, Billy recognizes that they all share a similar past but chose to stand together as a family because of their tragedies. Billy Batson is definitely not the role model, much less a “hero”, but that is what makes it so great that he is chosen to become a superhero. In the New 52 issue of Shazam! released in 2013, we see his past actions when the Wizard is testing him, and he has made many mistakes but he also clarifies that he has tried being good, but has failed because kind people always get taken advantage of. Billy has the embers of good within him, meaning he has the capacity to transform into his greatest potential, the god of Gods, Shazam. Billy Batson represents the unseen potential in all of us, the flawed humans who make mistakes but we can overcome them and achieve something greater.

Sora-The Earned Chosen One


By-Alec Chournos

Sora’s story in Kingdom Hearts isn’t just a classic retelling of a chosen individual destined to save the world. It’s something much deeper in meaning that only seems to become more interesting and powerful with every new installment. Sora is a different kind of fictional character that sets a new standard for what being a chosen hero really means. It’s a story of growth, perseverance, friendship and love that has to be played with a controller to experience it in its fullest.

But for those of you who may not play video games or haven’t heard of Kingdom Hearts, I’ll go ahead and break down the key parts of this story for you that make it special. The biggest and probably most important thing that keeps reappearing in these games is the Keyblade. It’s a magical weapon that can come in various forms based on its wielder. They’re used to unlock pathways to worlds, destroy the Heartless creatures, and even unlock people’s hearts. But the main Keyblade, the Kingdom Key, is the one that Sora uses in the games he is in. Plus, another key point (no pun intended) about the Keyblade is that it chooses its wielder. It’s not a weapon that anybody can use. One has to have a strong heart and will for them to even be considered by a Keyblade. Even if someone is a Keyblade wielder, it’s not exactly the safest title to have. The Heartless, monsters that are created when someone’s heart succumbs to the darkness, are attracted to the Keyblade’s power.

To skip ahead to the point, Sora has two friends that are introduced in the first game. Riku and Kairi. During the story of the first game, we learn that Sora is chosen by the Kingdom Key Keyblade. However, if you play the game, you wouldn’t exactly consider Sora the “chosen” type. He’s bubbly and kind around people, but is very clumsy and sarcastic. He’s no stoic knight or brave vigilante that seems to be able to tackle danger at any given moment. He’s just a young kid that wants to help everyone.

As the story continues to progress through the end of the first game and into some of the others, we learn that Riku, Sora’s best friend, was actually chosen by the Kingdom Key before Sora. Riku even takes the Keyblade away from Sora. So why didn’t it stay with Riku? Why did Sora obtain the Keyblade? It turns out that Riku was chosen many years before he was born in a ceremony performed by Terra in Birth By Sleep. Unfortunately, his heart was influenced and eventually overtaken by darkness. This made him unable, in a sense, to use the Keyblade until he figured out he could wield it, and the next one in line was Sora.

What makes Sora so different from most other “chosen ones” is that he had to earn that title. Sora was thrusted into a position where he wasn’t exactly worthy. Riku’s destined path was diverted when he let his heart get enveloped in darkness, and this really tormented Sora for a bit. Sora had to learn what being worthy meant, and that the Keyblade did in fact choose him for a reason.

Perhaps the biggest argument that I make comes from the latest Kingdom Hearts game, Dream Drop Distance. This story follows Riku and Sora through their trial to become Keyblade Masters. We see characters that are both alive and dead in Sora’s dreams, and this is really where the intimate relationships he has made come to fruition. Because Sora has such a strong heart and because he cares for everyone, he is connected to everyone. The Keyblade chose Sora because he is the only person that is able to connect to everyone’s hearts and unlock them. The quality that seemingly made him unfit suddenly was what made him fit for the Keyblade.

Sora may not have earned the title of a Keyblade Master, but he earned the title of the Chosen One. Not through blood or sweat, but through emotion, tears, and the compassion of his heart. When denial and despair took away Sora’s purpose, he chose to dig deep within himself and see what his friends saw in him all along. A unique person with not only the potential to save worlds, but to rewrite his destiny.

Spider-Man-The Chosen One Within Us


By-Devin Washington

While Spider-Man might not be considered a Chosen One character, I do feel he represents the chosen one in all of us. Peter Parker is just a kid and having to balance so many aspects of his life can be quite daunting. Between high school, a job, taking care of his aunt, and being the protector of New York City, he holds a great burden on his shoulders. Despite the physical and mental toll he’s dealt with, he continues to move forward with a smile. The key goal that Steve Ditko and Stan Lee wanted to achieve was creating a character who was young and relatable; going through everyday problems like most teenagers would. He wasn’t perfect and still isn’t, he has made mistakes and regretted many of his decisions. Putting on the Spidey mask was a way to hide that, to ensure the hero within him could be a great help to others even when Peter Parker couldn’t.

As a nerd whose life was drastically changed after getting bit by a radioactive spider, Peter was gifted with amazing abilities, but what was his purpose at this point? It was to put others before himself, to be selfless, and to work tirelessly to protect the ones he loves. Losing Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy completely crushed him, as did facing his greatest enemies but he never quit, no matter how impossible the situation might’ve been, and that speaks volumes.

Did the spider choose him?  Maybe it was fate’s choice to give Peter chance to prove himself. He may not be the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe but he has one of the biggest hearts of all. Good ol’ webhead continues to inspire others and gives readers  a chance to relate. People tend to look at the super powers aspect, but the alter ego is what matters most. Peter Parker isn’t a chosen one like the others on this list but he carries something just as important, the ability to inspire others to find the chosen one within themselves.

Wonder Woman-The Born Chosen One


By-Beyza Apaydin

The trope of “Chosen One” refers to a person/creation who is chosen by the destiny to save the day or to defeat the evil to serve humanity. Even though destiny’s itself seems to assign these great powers or roles to the chosen ones, for Wonder Woman, we cannot simply argue the destiny as a factor that made Wonder Woman what she is today.

Throughout her life, Wonder Woman had the blessings of supreme gods and great Amazon Warriors with her. Perhaps this was the best environment for a chosen one to serve for humanity. Far away from the corrupted world of mankind…

Her “chosen-one” figure has always been crystal clear. Every event in her life emphasizes that she was meant to be the chosen-one.

Upon the creation of the Paradise Island, Greek Goddesses saved the souls of women who have been murdered by men. They gave life to each soul in the Paradise Island to keep them far away from the Man’s World.

When Hippolyta molded a clay, Zeus gave that clay a life, a soul. The given soul to the clay was held back during the creation of the island. Hippolyta’s soul belonged to a woman who had been murdered. That woman was also carrying a baby when she passed away.

The soul of unborn baby has been saved and protected by the Greek Goddesses. Zeus bonded the soul to the clay which have been molded by Hippolyta. The first child born on the Paradise Island, Diana, was the soul the unborn daughter of Hippolyta.

In fact, prior to her birth Diana was the chosen one. She was the only baby who had another chance to born. Destiny, could have been rescued her if she was meant to be the chosen one, but she did not have only the destiny by her side and an extra-dimensional race, Greek Gods were in favor of her.

During the creation of Diana, six Gods of Olympus (Ancient Greek Gods) granted Diana a gift that will make her the most fortunate among the immortal Amazon Warriors. She acquired the powers that makes her special by: Athena, courage and wisdom; Hermes, speed and the power of flight; Artemis, communion with animals and a hunter’s heart; Aphrodite, a loving heart and beauty, Hestia, sisterhood with fire; Demeter, great strength.

Six Gods chose a soul to bring peace to mankind. The most important motive of these gods while making her a great warrior was eager to defeat Ares. She was the only Amazonian who had the power to defeat a great God like Ares.

Before embarking on her duty of defeating the War God, Diana was given the Sandals of Hermes which allows her to travel instantly. She was also given one of the most important weapon of Amazons: The Lasso of Truth. Once again, copious background of the Amazonians and the Ancient Greek Gods have been served to Diana.

From an unborn soul to a God Killer… Wonder Woman is an undisputed chosen one figure with a great heart and power.

Anakin Skywalker-The Redemption of The Chosen One


By-Chandler Balli

It can definitely be argued in the Star Wars saga for which character is The Chosen One. Although it seems that the original trilogy wants you to see Luke Skywalker as the chosen one, the prequel trilogy and Episode VI offers more evidence that its actually Luke’s father, Anakin Skywalker.

In the third act of Star Wars: The Return Of The Jedi, Luke and Darth Vader have a duel in the Emperors room. The Duel eventually leads to Darth Vader saving Luke from the Emperor by throwing the Emperor to the depths of the ship, thus destroying the Sith. Darth Vader, Anakin, realizes what he was doing was wrong all along. Luke Skywalker’s impact to the Star Wars mythos can not be understated but neither can Anakin’s. Anakin was always meant to bring balance to the force. He does so on two occasions, for both good and ill.

In The Prequel Trilogy, Qui-Gon Jinn finds a young boy, Anakin Skywalker, with the largest count of Midi-chlorians. Anakin mother claims there is no father and that his conception is a mystery to her. Qui-Gon Believes Anakin to be the Chosen One and brings him to be judged by the council. “You refer to the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force. You believe it’s this… boy?” Mace Windu says to Qui-Gon. it’s said a couple of different times throughout the trilogy that the Chosen One is supposed to “bring balance to the force” and “destroy the sith”. Anakin, while rough around the edges, shows promise as an apprentice to Obi Wan until Episode III.

In Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith, Anakin is being tested by Obi Wan, The Council and his own self. It seems through all of it the only person who will listen to him is Palpatine, who is a sith lord in disguise. Naturally, Anakin takes a liking to and eventually looks up to Palpatine. By the end of Episode III, Anakin has disowned the Jedi and views them as evil. Anakin and Obi Wan commence in a lightsaber duel on Mustafar, where Obi Wan takes his saber and leaves Anakin for dead. While this event was catastrophic to the Jedi, in a sense, Anakin was still carrying out his destiny.. As the Last Jedi adds to this point, the Jedi became dogmatic during the Prequel Trilogy. There were only a few Sith users but an abundance of Jedi. The Force is comprised of the light and the dark, and to bring balance, is to even the scales. At the end of Episode III, there are only two Jedi Masters, Obi-Wan and Yoda, and two Sith Lords, Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. Thus, bringing balance.

Knowing the events that take place in the Prequel trilogy changes how certain events are perceived in the Original trilogy. Now lets take a look back on the third act in Return Of The Jedi. Anakin sees his son being electrocuted and tortured. He decides to stop it. He kills the emperor and restores the galaxy. He brings balance to the force in the way the Jedi intended. Anakin sacrificed his life for Luke to be able to survive. In this way Luke acts as a catalyst in helping Anakin’s Chosen One prophecy come full circle. Anakin dies a Jedi and joins Obi wan and Yoda as a force ghost. Looking back at Anakin’s complete legacy from Episode I-VIII, it is a story of redemption and the culmination of one of the greatest Jedi and the most fearsome Sith all in one person. Anakin Skywalker indeed fulfilled the prophesy, twice. Once in the Episode III as he balances the light and dark, and again in Episode VI as he extinguished the darkness and sacrificed himself to save his son and the light.

Link-The Pre-Destined Chosen One


By-Jeremy Wilkerson

Link is one of the best heroes to be put in a video game, and the perfect definition of the Chosen One. In almost every game, Link is an entirely different person, but with the same Chosen One hero status. In each reincarnation, Link has the same blonde hair, green tunic and cap, equipped with a sword and a shield, destined to save Hyrule, save Princess Zelda, and defeat Ganon in an endless cycle. He’s a perfect fit for the Chosen One, with a heart of gold and courage, all without saying a single word.

Ever since the first ‘Legend of Zelda’ game, Link has always been on the hero’s duty. One of the best examples of this is ‘Ocarina of Time’, when it is revealed that Link had been chosen by the gods to wield the power of the Triforce, and bring light back to the entire world, gaining the title “Hero of Time.”

But Link isn’t always the Chosen One. For example, in Wind Waker, Link is summoned to protect his sister Aryll, and only then does he begin to earn his title as the “Hero of Winds.” That’s why Link is so interesting as the Chosen One, because no matter what reincarnation he is, he always ends up being the one to save the day, deeming him the greatest heroes in the video game world.

Jaime Reyes-The Forced Chosen One


By-Givonte Robertson

Jaime Reyes’ dream was to be a dentist.  His destiny was to be The Blue Beetle. He never once thought he’d join forces with the Teen Titans and Justice League International. Jaime was just a normal kid in El Paso, Texas when he found the mysterious Scarab on the walk home from school with his best friends, Brenda and Paco. The Scarab melded to Jaime’s spine in his sleep giving him access to the Reach’s infiltrator armor which allows him to manifest an unrivaled alien armory from virtually all of his appendages. Not only did Jaime and the Scarab bond physically they also bonded as a team. Originally a tool of the galactic invaders, the Scarab’s extended stay on Earth allowed it to be corrupted by magic that prevented the Reach from fully controlling the Scarab.

The Reach soon arrived on Earth masquerading as peaceful traders while truly being intent on using Jaime and the Scarab as their puppet and agent of conquest. The Reach, continuing their facade, had gained the favor of the world’s population and only Jaime because of his connection to the Reach could see their fleet of ships, hidden weapons caches and discern the location of their invasion forces. The Scarab, with Jaime’s help, fought off it’s evil programming to truly become sentient and sided against its duplicitous creators and eventually named itself Khaji Da.

Two other heroes have wielded the Scarab and held the mantle of Blue Beetle but neither of the two previous holders of the Scarab could summon the power of the Scarab in manner as Jaime. Dan Garrett, the original Blue Beetle, could harness the power of the Scarab but in a much more limited manner than Jaime. Ted Kord, received the Scarab following the death his mentor (the aforementioned Garrett) and couldn’t use it all he opted to use his wealth and tech savvy to fight crime instead.

That adds an extra layer of significance to the Scarab and Jaime’s connection were it not for Jaime the Scarab would have never broken the Reach’s influence on its own and without the Scarab Jaime would not have been able to stop the Reach’s plan to conquer Earth. Sure Garrett had enhanced strength and energy projection but he couldn’t talk to Reach technology and broadcast their true plans to the world as Jaime did. Kord is a super-genius but even his technology falls flat in comparison to the armor Jaime can summon.

Jaime is not just the chosen one but a champion of the chosen ones. Jaime shows us that even when you seem burdened by things out of your control you can overcome all of your obstacles and succeed where those before you have failed. Even though he was initially uninterested in saving the world, once Jaime realized the Scarab wasn’t going anywhere and that it was his duty to save Earth he rose to the challenge of being a hero. Jaime is sense of responsibility is admirable hopefully he can inspire others to be the hero instead of waiting for the hero.

Scott Summers-The Mutant Chosen One


By-Brandon Gray

Scott Summers was supposed to be a likable character. The mutant response to Captain America. The straight laced, no nonsense, always follows orders boyscout who was passionate about his people, and even more about doing the right thing.

He was the leader that followed orders, conveying to his team of X-men what Xavier wished for them to do. Never swaying, always being the upstanding leader. He had a wife, and a surrounding group of loving friends who he trusted with his life. But then things became.. convoluted. Xavier’s practices didn’t sit well with him any longer. They were too passive. Not aggressive enough for the types of enemies that the X-men faced on a day to day basis. Some including the Purifiers, a hyper religious group who believed it was their God given right to purge the earth of mutant kind.

It was then that Scott went from goody toe shoes church boy to the leader we know him as today. He commissioned for Logan to create X-force, forged Utopia in the light of the House of M, making San Francisco a stomping ground for mutants and humans alike. For a while, it seemed that he had indeed done more than Xavier ever could have hoped to do himself, even in the face of extreme adversity, Scarlet Witch having decimated the homo superior race to nearly 300.

Eventually people stopped looking to the Professor for leadership and instead delegated to Summers, which was the ultimate nail in the coffin for the fabled “Xavier Dream” which had been held with so much esteem in the past. Scott became a more brutal, tactical leader as the times passed, seeing the bigger picture rather than considering individual opinions. So much so that Wolverine of all people confronted him about endangering children.

From then on Scott became an even more decisive leader. Leading up until the Avengers versus X-men event that changed everything. Due to Avenger meddling, Scott and a few others were imbued with Phoenix energy, but that power eventually pushed Scott to murder the one man who had set the plot for his life since the very beginning. Charles Xavier.

Instead of consuming himself with guilt, Scott set on the gathering and training of new mutants. While the Phoenix brings death, it also brings life, and that meant even more homosuperior individuals walking the earth. Most with no idea of what they were, and with no understanding of what they could do. Scott’s ideals became the topic of conversation back at the Jean Grey School, and when he found out (per Xavier’s will) that the man he’d killed wasn’t the upstanding leader he’d always thought. Well. That was when his ideals died with him.

Scott Summers does what he does because he thinks no one cares as much as he does. And that’s partially relatable, but on a much smaller scale. He wants to do what’s right for the people he cares about, but until recently, felt shackled by the ideals of the man he’d held in such high esteem. To conclude, Scott is indeed the Mutant Chosen One, the hero and leader that can lead all mutants to a greater tomorrow.

Conclusion-A Chosen One for all of us

FullSizeRender.jpgBy-Sheraz Farooqi

Originally, I was going to write a Chosen One piece about just Superman. As the idea continued to float in my mind, I realized how massive this concept is. The Chosen One Trope exists through so many mediums and forms of storytelling that it can not be focused on just one person. This piece, written by 16 of our brightest writers, brings this concept into fruition,

Between the superheroes; Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Blue Beatle, Cyclops and Shazam, the anime heroes; Goku, Kirito and Sailor Moon, film/literature heroes; Harry Potter, Frodo, Anakin Skywalker and King Arthur, and video game heroes; Sora and Link, there is truly a Chosen One for all of us.

The Chosen One complex in fictional characters is wide reaching and has a variety of styles, execution and message. The overall message for all of them is this, all of us have the ability to rise above our struggles and challenges. We all have it in us to be better, reach higher and accomplish greatness. These Chosen Ones represent the ability to persevere despite incredible hardships, burdens and responsibilities. The ability to do these things and inspire others to do the same is right there, all we need to do is accomplish it.