The Farooqi Bros: Black Panther Charity Event

The #BlackPantherChallenge is an initiative launched by Frederick Joseph to raise money to take Harlem children to see Black Panther in theaters. He has opened the call for others nationwide to join in and start a GoFundMe in their community to take more kids to watch Black Panther in the theater.

New York Natives Sheraz Farooqi and Zayyan Farooqi collaborate with Fredrick’s mission to raise money for the middle school kids in Bronx, NY to see Black Panther in theaters.

Lifelong fans of superheroes, brothers Sheraz and Zayyan know the impact these heroes can bring to children of all ages. Black Panther is an event unlike any other that gives people of color, most importantly, children of color as chance to see themselves as the main hero. Using their platform of ComicBook Debate, Sheraz asks for everyone to help pitch in and take a great group of kids to see this monumental film.

Black Panther is an event where DC and Marvel fan lines don’t apply. Everyone can get behind this initiative and do something special for these kids. While we are DC fans at heart, ComicBook Debate is all in on fundraising for this monumental film.

To date, nearly 100 campaigns around the nation have raised over $100,000, helping thousands of kids see the movie next month. Donations have come in from all 50 states and 15 countries around the world.

Donate to bring their mission of taking over 300 Middle School kids in Bronx, New York to see Black Panther!