Legends of Tomorrow: CW’s Best Series

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow began as just a quirky spin-off to the then successful DC television shows Arrow and The Flash. However, in the past couple of years, it has quickly become the most entertaining of the current slate of DC shows on the CW. In this latest season, the series truly embraces its ridiculousness and churns out one of the most fun, singular seasons of a comic book show on the CW.

Starting out with C and D-List characters, the series had a lot to do in terms of getting the audience to care about this ragtag group of people. Each season the roster changes ever so slightly, giving the spotlight to characters of the Arrowverse that wouldn’t have had screen time otherwise. This season gave the spotlight to some characters new to the team/show such as new member Zari, the serie’s first Arabic superhero, and in my opinion, she was one of the best parts of this season of the show. She brought a sense of levity, humor, and just a warm feeling that gave the show a breath of fresh air. The next addition to the show made me really happy, that being the character of Wally West. While not being a fan-favorite character on The Flash, he is definitely a character who grew on me and became a great character to watch. His banter with the team in the later episodes of the season really made me happy that the character had a new place to call home after being written off of The Flash.


Of course, you can’t talk about this season without talking about John Constantine. After having a short-lived series on NBC, fans demanded that the character and his show be brought back or into the Arrowverse somehow. Making his CW debut in season 4 of Arrow, fans have been waiting patiently for the character to become more prevalent. This season of the show delivered and finally brought back the character for a multi-episode arc that led to Matt Ryan being promoted to series regular for the show’s fourth season. As a huge fan of the character and his original series, I cannot wait to see how his role as a legend plays out.

I think the strongest aspect of this show, is its cast and characters. Even as cast members have left the show for other ventures, the team as a whole truly feels like a quirky family that you look forward to seeing the adventures of every week. Whether it’s Sara Lance, Rip Hunter, Ray Palmer, or even Mick Rory, each character brings heart to the show and all bring something different to the team that makes them great. That sense of camaraderie is felt in every episode of the season and you never once doubt anyone on the team’s ability to be there for one another. Even when the climactic battle of the season is the team having to come together to form a giant version of the furry toy Beebo, they would not have been able to do so and win the battle without having faith in each other.


One loss of this season that really did leave a bit of a hole in the team and show was the loss of Professor Stein during the Crisis On Earth-X crossover. Firestorm, as a whole, was such a great part of the series. When Martin Stein was first introduced on The Flash, I was not expecting to care so deeply for him and his future other half of Firestorm, Jax, as much as I did. They both brought levity to their characters and felt like the most genuine and real characters out of the entire cast. When it was announced Victor Garber was exiting the series, it was a tough pill to swallow. As his end came, which honestly was controversial, to say the least, it became even harder when Jax left the series in the following episode. Jax and Professor Stein really were the heart of the show and their absence will still be felt in subsequent seasons. I will always appreciate what Garber and Franz Drameh were able to bring to their roles as Firestorm.

As this season’s main storyline revolved around the gathering the 6 totems of Zambesi to stop the evil demon Mallus, the focus is given to the characters of Amaya and her granddaughter Kuasa (Mari McCabe’s sister). The Vixen storyline this season was definitely a strong point, as we see Amaya struggling with her destiny to go back to her home and leave Nate to pass on her totem to Mari knowing her village will be destroyed. Having her come to terms with her own desires and her destiny really made the ending of this season emotional for her character.

With this season now over, there is so much to look forward to in the upcoming episodes. As always we can expect time travel shenanigans, random plots that make no sense but are enjoyable anyway, and Mick starting fights in whatever time period they land in. While Legends might not be the best comic book show out there, I can say that I always end the season with a big smile on my face. This show gets away with so much craziness and stupidity, but I wouldn’t want the show any other way. If you haven’t given this series a chance and are looking for some entertainment, I would definitely give this show a shot.