By Jordan Solomon, Jayden Davila and Geremy Santana

This story start off with our main character Valklass. She was sent on a mission but a malfunction made her ship go off trail and went into another universe. She lands on Earth and in in the backyard of a Scientist, Michael Benit. He takes her in and teaches her how to blend into humanity. Over time, Valklass learns to speak languages like English, Spanish, Japanese and French. The story then fast forwards to a 16 year old girl name KC Banks.

She finds herself having a bad life, she got bullied, she was poor and her parents put her up for adoption. She tries to keep all her emotions inside but one time in school she got bullied really badly and she got so mad that she pushes her bully which triggered her hidden superhero power. The bully was almost killed when an electric shock came out of her KC’s hands.    

  • KC gets arrested but is bailed out by her adopted mom

Later on, while hanging out with her friend, she ran into her bully, who was back with more friends. They all tried to to jump her but KC reactivates her power, destroying everyone around her, friend or foe. She transforms into Blackout, a negative energy version of her. This makes KC’s personality more violent.

Valklass find KC and teaches her how to use her powers for good. Overtime, KC learns to control the power of Blackout within her, and while the evil in her still exists, Valklass teaches her to control it. Blackout leaves some of itself in KC and makes her stronger. The two of them decide to use their powers to help others.

To be Continued.