By-Jden Gomez, Theodore R, Julio Estrada, & Johnny Garcia

This story is about an anti-hero who starts off as a normal human girl, until a terrible accident happens that changes everything. One day Katherin’s father was inside of his personal dojo staring at the soul katana. This katana wasn’t any normal katana, its powers was to contain electricity. The katana was underground locked away from people, but it was well known around the raiders community. One day the dojo got raided, since the katana wasn’t able to be found the raiders kidnapped her father.

Chaos came home to the dojo and found that her father was taken, not knowing what to do, she remembers how her father thought her how to use the katana but to only use it for emergency. For 2 days she thinks of how she needs to use the katana to save her dad but her dad told her “ the katana has a power that I never told you about. But once you use the katana try to keep the katanas power under control. Its controlled by emotions, the more angry you are the stronger the katana is, but the more tougher situations you put into yourself, the power drains quickly.” She decided to go down into the underground bunker and take the katana. As she touch the katana she felt something weird. “ What th-“ once she grabbed the katana, a big flash came about and she was inside of a power suit. Bolts of electricity was going throughout the suit. A mask was on the floor. She remembered the mask, her dad had the mask locked up in a safe. She wonders how it came out of the safe, but as she puts on the mask she gets a flashback of her father.

One of Katherin’s friends is a hacker, she was able to locate the abandon firehouse where her father was captured. She rushed over with no hesitation and blasted a bolt of electricity through the wall. Taking down every person one by one, until she gets to Anonymous. “Stay there! Don’t take a step or you father is gone!” The katana gets more energy, her eyes starts to turn white and starts to spark electricity. She takes one step. “I WONT HESITATE TO KILL HIM.” says Anonymous. “HURT HIM AND YOU WONT EVER WALK OUTSIDE AGAIN!” She said. “BOOM!”, Anonymous blasts Katherin’s father. “NOOOOOOO” shouts Katherin as her body starts filling up with electricity. She rushes towards him, pins him against the wall. “WHY HIM AND NOT ME.” Anonymous responds, “I don’t care about you, your dad was the targ-“ She pushes her hand of electricity through his chest and destroyed him. “ You wont hurt anyone anymore.” Her electricity calms down as she falls on the floor and starts crying next to her father. After a few hours of crying she goes home and locks up the katana once again thinking about her father.