Since its debut 22 years ago, The Mission: Impossible franchise has become one of the most widely recognized franchises in the world. With the recognition that it has gotten over the years for its wonderfully crafted action sequences and its high level cast, the expectations for these films stay on the rise. After five successful films, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the 6th installment of the continuing franchise.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is written, produced and directed by Christopher McQuarrie. McQuarrie is now the only director to direct two consecutive films of this gigantic franchise. The film stars Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Angela Bassett, Michelle Monaghan, Vanessa Kirby, Sean Harris and Alec Baldwin. Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt who teams up with August Walker, played by Henry Cavill, a CIA assassin, and his IMF team to deal with the threat of nuclear terrorism. It’s a mission in which Hunt has to deal with the fallout of all his good intentions as Soloman Lane says in the first trailer. Lane also starts the second trailer off by saying “There cannot be peace without first a great suffering. The greater the suffering the greater the peace.” which illustrates the magnitude of the catastrophe that could potentially occur if Hunt and his team fail to accomplish the mission. With the highly appreciated fourth installment, MI: Ghost Protocol, by the time the 6th installment was announced, all eyes were on McQuarrie to create the most thrilling and exciting film of the series so far.


Action films are probably one of the hardest genre of films to direct because there are so many different aspects involved into crafting a movie with such a massive audience and fan following. And when you’ve got a franchise as big as Mission: Impossible, starring actors like Tom Cruise, it automatically becomes even harder. The superiority of the screenplay is just what would be expected from an Academy Award winner and the direction is no less of that. There is a perfect balance of perfectly choreographed action sequences, humor and emotion. There is no doubt that Christopher McQuarrie executed the job wonderfully, easily making MI:Fallout an absolute success.

As far as casting goes, at this point it is very much of a fact that Tom Cruise is one of the best actors of all time and action packed films being his main area of expertise, to put it simply, there wasn’t even a shadow of doubt that he would exceed the expectations set by audiences and fans of the franchise. His dedication towards his work is easily seen in the movie and it is completely enjoyable to watch. Henry Cavill was also a part of this installment, playing the role of August Walker, the main antagonist. Throughout the trailers, his role in the film is very discreetly shown, where we only got an introduction followed by some insanely thrilling action sequences where Cavill and Cruise fight alongside each other and then against each other. Adaptability is a must when it comes to acting and Henry Cavill, who has previously been only highlighted as a protagonist was under the scrutiny of many when it was revealed that he was the antagonist of the film. To say that he’s a versatile actor when summarizing his work in the film wouldn’t be enough. He went above and beyond my expectations and truly delivered an epic performance, being the perfect balance to Cruise’s protagonist. The cast in it’s entirety brought together a perfect team that’s ideal for such a highly anticipated action film but Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill were without a doubt the highlight of the film.


For me, what truly made the film an absolute joy to watch were the astonishing action sequences. The trailers provided for a perfect sneak peak of what’s to be seen on the big screen but it doesn’t even come near to how thrilling it is to watch it on the big screen from the start to finish. With a Tom Cruise film, the expectation for stunts goes up and when actors do most, if not all, of their stunts, its even better. There is more continuity and the feel of an action blockbuster intensifies. The stunt work was absolutely magnificent and perhaps one of the best of the franchise. The teamwork between Christopher McQuarrie and the actors was illustrated through the minutely crafted action sequences and stunts.

Cinematography is a largely ignored part of the film but it was obvious from the very start the Mission: Impossible – Fallout wasn’t about to ignore this aspect of a successful film. Cinematographer Rob Hardy did a superb job, which definitely causes for the film to stand out from all others of the franchise. Paired with the jaw-dropping cinematography was the incredible score, which is an integral part of a successful action film. Composer Lorne Balfe exceeded expectations composing a score that had a hint of a Hans Zimmer-like score. And what could be better than that combined with the classic but evolved Mission: Impossible soundtrack, the one that we all know and love. It added to the intensity of the adventure and had me at the edge of my seat, making it more of an experience than a simple film.


Mission: Impossible – Fallout has the longest runtime out of all the films of the Mission: Impossible franchise and a perfect balance could be sensed. The great editing caused for a wonderful final product, which is definitely going to be appreciated by the audiences. There isn’t a moment that could be left out and there isn’t one that could be added to make it better.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all perfect. The marketing caused for one flaw, which, although a little unavoidable, it wasn’t impossible to avoid. The trailers gave too much away regarding the antagonist and if you looked at the trailers before watching the film and expected something completely mind-blowing, you’re going to be disappointed. But thankfully, the thrill of the action sequences could overshadow the flaw but it doesn’t eradicate its’ existence.


So, where does that leave the film and the franchise as a whole? MI – Fallout is not just the best action film of 2018, it might as well be the best film of 2018 so far. You can watch it over and over again and the thrill might never tire you out. When comparing it with other films of the franchise, MI: Fallout could easily be the best, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol being a close second. But this leaves the franchise strong with endless future possibilities. MI: Rogue Nation couldn’t top the previous installment but Mission: Impossible – Fallout gives the franchise the boost that is needed for it to keep going strong. Christopher McQuarrie exceeded all expectations for the 6th installment of the series and makes Mission: Impossible Fallout exactly what you would expect from a movie that is written by an Academy Award winner, tying together aspects of not just a successful action film but a successful film in general. It’s pure entertainment at its peak which, as I mentioned earlier, makes the film more of an ‘experience’.