Teen Titans Go! To The Movies-Review

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is an animated theatrical film by Warner Bros. Animation. Directed by Aaron Horvath & Peter Rida Michail, Teen Titans GO! To The Movies is a fun, bright and kid friendly summer film that will captivate kids, keep adults entertained and keep fans on their feet.

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies is very much in line with Teen Titans GO!, a popular animated series currently running on Cartoon Network. Bringing back their entire voice cast, all of which have played their titular characters for over a decade, Scott Menville, Khary Payton, Tara Strong and Hynden Walch create a familiar vibe while delivering on the types of performances they’re known for.

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies delivers in classic Go! fashion. Filled to the brim with references, cameos, fourth wall breaks, catchy songs, a humorous tone and hilarious gags, the film will not disappoint fans of the series and will create new fans in the process. Teen Titans GO! To The Movies knows exactly what it is. It also knows it’s place among geeks circles who don’t appreciate the franchise and constantly rub it in their faces. The point of this franchise has always been for kids. Young kids are their audience and it is clear young audiences love Teen Titans. Because of this, much of the nerd disdain for the series is hilarious to me, especially when you consider the wide palette of tones, films and shows DC provides its audiences.

Quite possibly the best part of Teen Titans GO! To The Movies is that it’s essentially an hour and a half of meta jokes, meta plots and meta situations. In many ways, this film is Deadpool for kids. Surprisingly enough, it even improves on the Deadpool formula in some respects. Teen Titans GO! To The Movies does not care what universe, company or franchise the character belongs to when creating its humor. Fans will be smiling when the film references almost every single DC film of the past, while not letting Marvel off the hook either. One of the most surprising running gags of the film was Marvel related and will have fans thrilled.

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies has a plot that many will find indicative of the times. The heroes exist in a world where it seems EVERY superhero is getting their own movie. One sequence has the Titans baffled as Alfred and many other smaller characters are having their films announced. The Titans find themselves on a journey to get their own movie, going through every conceivable length to get one. This results in hilarious moves and provides the most entertainment of the film.

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies also bolsters a vast array of cameos and guest stars. Will Arnet provides the voice of Deathstroke, while Nicholas Cage FINALLY gets to play Superman. Surprisingly with a bigger role than trailers would indicate, Cage plays Superman with poise but with the weight of his own meta joke always present. Other guest stars like Kristen Bell, Lil Yachty, Jimmy Kimmel, and more show up in the film, playing iconic characters.

Overall, Teen Titans GO! To The Movies will be an absolute joy for kids. For me, the film is even better than last year’s LEGO Batman. Younger audiences will be laughing most of the way, with most of the slapstick humor and songs directed at them. This is not to say adults and parents won’t enjoy it either. On the contrary, the film gives many fourth wall breaks that will keep adults interested. Most of all, DC fans pretty much get a Deadpool film for them. Pretty much each and every shot has DC references to the comics, tv Shows, iconic films, familiar music and most of all, hilarious digs at everything and everyone. The film also carries a post credit scene that will have EVERY fan smiling. Teen Titans GO! To The Movies is a film for fans, families and kids that doesn’t waste a moment in providing laughs, heart warming scenes, new songs, and references to all things superheroes.