STUDENT REVIEW-Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

By-Jayden Davila

Date Of Release: March 25, 2016 

My Intel On The Movie: I feel that the actor that portrayed Batman, Ben Affleck, did a very good job with the stunts and his lines in the movie. Throughout the movie, I felt as if I could understand Batman’s frustration. The film did a great job with setting up Batman’s motivations in the beginning scene that showed the end of Man of Steel from his perspective. In general, I felt he was an excellent Batman and, with all due respect, was a “good replacement” for the role as Batman and I look forward to seeing him in future films.


Now on to Superman’s part. Zack Snyder did a very good job at showing Superman in this film. I really liked his immigration story in Man of Steel leading up to this movie with everyone discriminating him because he was not from Earth. I believe it fit in with the entire plot and the full story that is being created over the last two films. The film fit well with Mr.Farooqi’s article about Superman being an immigrant. I also enjoyed how the movie starts off with Superman still learning how to use his abilities. Overall, I believe the fight scenes really brought this character out and I look forward to seeing it in future films as well. 


Overall I really enjoyed this movie all I though I wanted to see more and I think that it really had a impact and a message on peoples lives.

Rating: 4.5