By-Julio Estrada

Man of Steel is a movie we watched in our ComicBook Debate class. Mr. Farooqi showed us the film because it is his favorite superhero movie. We watched Man of Steel with the class and our teacher showed us the parts of the film which were very powerful and I enjoyed the movie a lot. There were a lot of scenes I liked about this movie and I think it is very underrated.

I liked Man of Steel because it showed Superman as a hero who people should look up to. He teaches the audience to never give up until you have accomplished your goal. Superman goes through a lot in his life. He was being bullied as a kid and didn’t feel like he belonged with his friends. Superman feels like his powers are making him look weird in front of his class and he becomes sad. Superman has a good support when he was a kid because his mom and dad were always there for him and give him the best advice to not give up and to stay true to himself.


My favorite scene of Man of Steel was when Superman learned to fly for the first time. This scene was very interesting and awesome. Superman learning how to fly had really good CGI and it was so cool to see him fly fast around the world and in the arctic. Superman is very powerful in this movie. The movie showed how just how much potential this one man/alien has. Overall Superman is an amazing hero and I loved learning about him in class. The CGI in the flight and heat vision is amazing.


The ending of the movie is vert shocking and very cool. Superman isn’t known as a guy who kills, but Zod drove him to a point where he killed someone to save the world. Zod made Superman look bad in front of the world also because of the destruction of the city. Something I liked in the movie was how Superman shows of his heroic side even at risk. He had to kill Zod to save a family from their deaths. What I did like about the movie was how they portrayed Superman as a man who looks perfect but has flaws. Another thing that I liked was how they related the movie, Batman v Superman. You had to watch Man of Steel first to understand why Batman thinks Superman is evil. I really loved the suit Superman was wearing in the movie. The color and texture was amazing. The suits before were ok, but they weren’t as close to the suit Superman was wearing in Man of Steel. Overall , he movie Man Of Steel is a great movie and everyone should watch it. I watched this so many times and never got bored of it.


Rate: 5/5