Top Ten Short Horror Films on YouTube

By Contributing Writer, Krishna Puri

October is the spookiest time of the year. It’s filled with haunted houses and costume parties, but best of all, it’s the month where we watch horror and thriller films like tradition. Sometimes our busy lives don’t allow us to fully enjoy a 2.5 hour movie, but these 10 short horror films should give you the horror fix you need while on your break or during your commute. Click on the titles to access the videos.

10. Bobo

A short film that proves monsters are real, but they aren’t some weird, terrifying-looking creatures—maybe they’re something you and I are quite used to looking at everyday.

Scare Level: 1/5. Not scary, rather thought-provoking.

9. Monsters

Imagine telling a lie so insane and elaborate that the person you’re lying to gets obsessed with that lie. Based on China’s old one-child policy, this film shows the lengths people will go to save their children.

Scare Level: 2/5.

8. The Jester

Halloween spirit. It’s just as real as holiday spirit or Christmas spirit, so when a man dressed as a jester wants to show you his card trick, just listen.

Scare Level: 3/5. Creepy and eerie.

7. Fish Eye

Things are not always what they seem, so avoid jumping to conclusions. Unfortunately, the main character in this film jumped far too quick.

Scare Level: 2.5/5.

6. The Armoire

Next time you see someone’s old, reusable furniture sitting by the road, maybe you should leave it behind. You don’t know its story, why it ended up there, or who cursed it.

Scare Level: 4/5.

5. Mama

The short film that inspired the film Mama. IT director Andy Muschietti put together one of the creepiest short horror films ever.

Scare Level: 4.5/5. Jumpscare alert!

4. The Quiet Zone

Just a little short horror film to make your next solo commute absolutely terrifying. If you hear someone whistling on the train, put on your headphones and turn the volume up or just ignore them, you never know who or what travels on your daily commute with you.

Scare Level: 2.5/5.

3. The Jigsaw

Fast-paced with an unexpected ending. If someone stops you from doing something, maybe you should listen. This film was inspired by an old ghost story the directors loved hearing as children, and now it can be enjoyed by all of us.

Scare Level: 3/5.

2. 3 Versos

Are there any ghosts ruining your life and making you question your sanity? Do you need a quick solution and an easy way to kick them out? Contact Margery—or don’t.

Scare Level: 4/5.


A personal favourite. This short film is quite long, but oh is it worth the wait. This film defines the reason why you shouldn’t judge someone based on their looks.

Scare Level: 2/5. Not scary, but very unexpected.


Happy Halloween!