Review: Heroes In Crisis #5

Written by Tom King
Art by Clay Mann
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: January 30th, 2019


Heroes In Crisis #5 continues Tom King’s story and gradually opens up more details to the overall arc. Depending on who you ask, Heroes In Crisis is seen as a mixed bag. For some, the story is very personal, forgoing splash pages of action for a more subtle story with DC’s most iconic characters. For others, the story tends to not do much in through the first 5 issues, relying on shock deaths to drive the mystery. Wherever you stand on the series, #5 won’t sway your mind either way. Tom King’s style has always been a gradual reveal through each issue. A slow burn approach that culminates into a huge finale is usually his approach to stories and Heroes In Crisis is no different.

Heroes In Crisis #5 starts off  with more focus on Booster Gold and his friendship with Blue Beatle. The shining element of the title has always been the testimonials of the superheroes and villains who have used the sanctuary. Each issue brings heroes iconic and deep cuts from the publication’s history to discuss their fears, motivations and problems in a safe environment. It seems that everyone from the Trinity to the youngest heroes have used this option. Yet, we don’t truly know what it was meant to be until #5. While Batman is uncovering more details on the mystery of the deaths at Sanctuary, Superman prepares to address the Press for the first time.

The highlight in all of these issues has definitely been Clay Mann’s stunning artwork. Mann has been on a roll with his recent work and #5 is no different. Character emotion and expression isn’t always easy to translate but Mann has become an expert at it. The particular moment that stood out here was Clark’s nervousness and general uneasiness to tell the press what happened at Sanctuary. For the most powerful superhero, it is these subtitles that keeps the character grounded amongst so many other heroes.

Overall, the issue has two main components. Without getting into spoilers on the issue, it follows Booster Gold and Superman. The issue, as the cover suggests, is mostly about Superman and his speech. The speech itself is the lynchpin of the entire story and the most important thing Tom King has written in the series thus far. Superman explains what the purpose of Sanctuary is to the world. Why the place was kept secret, the importance of its existence and the true vulnerability of the heroes Earth relies on daily. Tom King does a masterful job with the speech and it was the best moment Superman has had in the story.

At the end of the day, each member of the Trinity feels responsible for letting the deaths of so many heroes happen, and the chief of the Trinity, Superman, bears the largest burden as he addresses the world. Heroes In Crisis #5 continues the slow burn of the tile but it is safe to say things will start to ramp up from now on.

The Verdict: 3.5/5