Top 5 Comics- February 2019

We’re back for a look at the top comics of the month for February. There are so many great comics that are published every month from a variety of companies, and picking just five to talk about is hard to do. Let’s take a look at some of the comics that really stood out during the month of February!

Daredevil #1


The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has seen a surge of popularity in recent years thanks to the incredible Netflix series based on the character. Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, and Sunny Gho take over the title after a stellar run by Charles Soule, whose last arc saw Matt nearly get killed towards the end. The new series takes place after those events, and we see a broken Matt Murdock trying to piece his life together. It’s hard to see Matt in a position like this- so unsure of what the future holds for himself after such a traumatic experience. But that doesn’t keep him from patrolling Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil.

Chip Zdarsky has really become one of my favorite writers as of late, with works that include Spectacular Spider-Man, Invaders, and now Daredevil. He’s not a writer I would have ever considered to take over Daredevil because his books tend to be a bit on the darker side, but after reading his first issue, I can say without a doubt that Zdarsky has absolutely nailed it. His dialogue in the book is genuine, and we get an idea of Matt’s commitment to fighting crime, which is told through a series of flashbacks throughout the issue. Marco Checchetto is back on Daredevil, and it is a welcomed return. He’s been one of my favorite artists at Marvel, so to see him back on Daredevil is extremely exciting. Along with Sunny Gho, the two of them give us a moody atmosphere for Matt, but the art and colors on display are never dull. This book is a series everyone should try out, especially if you’re a fan of the Netflix series. I can’t wait to see where this creative team takes Daredevil next.

Red Sonja #1


This month, we saw Dynamite relaunch the title of one of their most popular female characters: Red Sonja. This series comes on the heels of Amy Chu and Carlos Gomez’s fun Red Sonja series, in which the She-Devil battled evil mages and crossed over into our own dimension and time. However, this time, things are quite a bit different for Red Sonja and her homeland of Hyrkania.

While the previous series was a fun, fish-out-of-water story for the character, the creative team, made up of Mark Russell, Mirko Colak and Dearbhla Kelly, are taking her on a grand saga filled with some political intrigue, drama, humor, and some historical influence. Red Sonja returns home in defeat after losing her teacher to find that her home is threatened by Dragan the Magnificient, an emperor who has recently conquered Stygia and now sets his eyes upon Hyrkania. Because of her deeds and prowess as a warrior, Red Sonja is crowned queen of Hyrkania, and the matter of Dragan falls in her lap.

I always like to see new interpretations of Red Sonja, and unlike titles from DC or Marvel, you don’t have to worry much about continuity to enjoy the series. Simply picking up this first issue will get you right where you need to be. This is a very different Red Sonja series than what we’ve seen previously, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Russell and Colak are crafting an exciting and gritty saga for Red Sonja that’s not without some entertaining humor. Mirko Colak’s artwork fits the tone of the sword-and-sorcery tale perfectly, and action sequences are exciting and energetic. If you’ve been looking to try out Red Sonja or want an exciting sword-and-sorcery epic to read, I highly recommend checking out this series.

Hawkman #9


When people ask me for comic recommendations from DC Comics, there’s one title that I recommend more than any other, and no it’s not Aquaman (though that series is really good right now, and I DO recommend it). That title is actually none other than Hawkman. This even surprises myself as I’ve never been a huge Hawkman fan; but I have been astounded by how engaging this series is. The best way I can describe Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch’s series is “cosmic Indiana Jones” – a comic that’s both an adventure series and cosmic odyssey as Hawkman learns about his past lives and the threat that ties them all together.

We’re coming closer towards the big confrontation between Carter Hall and the Deathbringers, a race of giant-winged creatures who’ve slaughtered countless people across the galaxy in his past. Without a weapon to defeat the Deathbringers, Carter is desperate to find a way to repel them, but they’ve arrived. This is one of those series that you thought would be good but proves itself to be ten times better than you could’ve imagined. Bryan Hitch’s artwork is astounding, and quite possibly, the best work we’ve seen from him in years. The level of detail and the scope of his work in this series is breathtaking to see. This creative team is bringing their A-game for Hawkman, and I hope this book can survive for more adventures with Carter Hall. I highly encourage you to start reading Hawkman, and then get a friend to read it too. This book deserves to be selling a lot better than it is as it’s easily one of the best books DC Comics is publishing.

Thor #10


Yes. Another month, and Thor is once again on my Top 5 Comics list. I can’t help it. It’s my favorite comic that I’m reading, and each issue is amazing. Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo return for another fantastic installment in their Thor run. The War of the Realms is nearly upon us, and the All-Father Odin sits upon the ruins of what was once the great realm of Asgard. While Malekith gathered his allies and laid waste to the other realms, Odin did nothing. Now with Malekith’s plan close to completion, he finally begins to realize his mistakes. This issue focuses on Odin’s relationship with Thor, and it’s touching by how human this issue is with relatable, human themes being put on display here.

It’s a tough issue, that’s for sure, as Odin has driven away all of his family members by being a horrible, abusive, and vile man. Aaron constructs a heartbreaking tale of a father who longs to be better and to tell his son how he loves him but doesn’t know how. The inevitable clash between father and son makes it even more painful to see. The entire issue is told through Odin’s perspective and with every insult he throws at Thor, Odin counters it with a thought about how much of a fool he is for not making amends with him. It’s a powerful issue about family struggle but leaves the readers with hope that there’s redemption for the All-Father in the future. Del Mundo’s artwork is gorgeous as usual, and the action scenes are brutal, kinetic, and visually astounding as his layouts help guide the flow of the fight scenes perfectly. This is a series you should not miss especially as the War of the Realms is nearly upon us.

DIE #3


As a fan of fantasy as well as an individual who is up for a campaign of Dungeons & Dragons every now and then, DIE is a series that was made for me! Kieran Gillen described the book as “goth Jumanji,” where a group of kids in the ’90s are transported to a fantasy world for two years before returning, all clearly traumatized by what they had experienced. It’s no exaggeration to say that DIE is one of the best comic series being published right now. The creative team includes Kieran Gillen and Stephanie Hans, and they continue to shine with each issue. With each installment, I become more engrossed with the characters, the story, and this hellish fantasy world they’ve become trapped in. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so mesmerized by a comic where the world is so beautiful yet hauntingly illustrated. DIE is a series that you must check out, especially if you’re a fan of fantasy. With characters that act, talk, and feel real and a world that is so terrifyingly beautiful, you will be sucked into the world of DIE just as the adventurers of this series have been.

That’s all we have for the month of February. Let us know if there were specific books that stood out for you this month. Thanks!