Exclusive: An Interview with Clay Enos: Recapping our Interview in an Honest Context

Last week, Clay Enos joined me and my brothers on The Farooqi Bros Podcast. Returning for the second time, one year after his original appearance. Clay was feeling happy, joyful, and ready to speak on his illustrious career.

For those unaware, Clay Enos is launching an incredible workshop in Nashville. Limited to only 15 people, this workshop is intended to be a great opportunity to learn the craft and dedication that goes into photography. With many years of photography experience under his belt on an individual level with people from around the world as well as his work with popular blockbuster films; this workshop is an opportunity to learn the art of photography through Clay’s lens. Those interested can sign up using the Vero application on iOS and Android.

Being a personal friend of myself and my brothers, Clay happily joined us on call and with that Podcast #21 began. Our podcast, with over an hour of content, had various points sadly taken out of context by contemporary sites in the industry. For the first 30 minutes of the podcast, our coverage was strictly on Clay workshop, body of work, and future projects he was excited for. Clay spoke on the the intention of his 2-Day Seminar.

“2 Days of sharing my work and my stories and trying to give photographers and enthusiasts ways to make their work better and create more significant work in their lives”

Clay Enos

Aside from his workshop, we also had opportunities to speak to Clay on the industry as a whole. Clay worked on WB’s Academy Award winning film, A Star is Born and also spoke enthusiastically about seeing Jason Momoa don the screen as Arthur Curry in 2018’s Aquaman. Clay also displayed a lot of excitement for Wonder Woman 84. Clay sang high praises for Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot.

I worked with Patty on I am the Night and being around her (and those around her) is like family. Gal is always treat, how do you not want to spend all your days with her.

Clay Enos

The one defining trait you get from Clay through multiple podcasts and even dinners is the word integrity. Integrity in his craft, and in those around him. Clay is always invested in making the best product possible whether it’s a singular portrait or a multi million dollar blockbuster. In last week’s podcast he constantly spoke on the need to support indie filmmakers and smaller films with the same amount of love we do for the blockbusters.

The world is ever evolving and we have the ability to shift it in the direction we want to go. And we do that by acting, not by not-acting or not consuming.

Clay Enos

For a brief 15 minutes of our podcast, we touched on a topic that as remained relevant and powerful over the last year. Unfortunately, it was this 15 minutes that were ultimately dissected, reframed and re-contextualized by other websites in the industry trying to find the easiest click through. Over the course of 3 questions that my brothers and I asked, Clay resounded to all of them respectfully and with a full 360 degree scope. Clay spoke on how the community of fans is very powerful and how the fans should be passionate. He also spoke on the business and legality of the the film and the challenges that arise from it. What was unfortunate to read from other sites was the misunderstanding they brought around the quotes Clay gave us.

Framing Clay as a “bitter employee” or as an enraged coworker is so far from the truth of our podcast that it is shocking. Throughout the entire hour of the podcast, everything we did was with a smile. We laughed and chuckled our way through questions and framed our podcast as this relaxed “barbershop” conversation between friends. Taking one sentence in a paragraph out of context is simply clickbait and not what our site or our podcast represents.

The Farooqi Bros with Clay Enos

To conclude our podcast, we talked about our latest charity event. The Superhero Toy Event hosted by The Farooqi Bros and held at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. Coincidentally the same hospital Clay Enos was born in, he generously donated to the event’s charity, much like he helped us for our Black Panther event last year. We ended the podcast with a signature quote from Clay;

You’re always filled with passion. But we need to not forget about perseverance and patience. These things all combine together. Never forget your passions, rather add patience to them. You won’t regret it.

Clay Enos

The purpose of this recap was simple, to present the facts of our podcast in the context we intended. At our core, my brothers and I believe in a strict non-clickbait policy and we put an incredible amount of work, dedication and time to make sure ComicBookDebate.com is unique but doesn’t lose it’s soul in the never ending collection of pop culture websites in a war for clicks. These same principles apply to our interviews, our podcasts, our social work, and all other corners of our brand. Much like Clay himself, the word to remember is integrity.