Review – Doomsday Clock #9

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Gary Frank
Colors by Brad Anderson
Lettering by Rob Leigh

To say Doomsday Clock has been an excellent series would be an understatement. Outside of delays hurting the pacing of the title over the last few months, the quality of writing by Geoff Johns and the sheer brilliance in Gary Frank’s art make up for it. The series started with a slow burn and frequently changes pacing and tones to match the characters on screen. Doomsday Clock #9 simply took things to another level.

(Minor Spoilers below)

In many ways, Doomsday Clock #9 reads like a chess game between the DC Universe and Doctor Manhattan. After a massacre at the end of #8, the entire nexus of DC heroes have been throw off as Superman and Batman recover, Wonder Woman struggles to keep the peace and the rest of the Justice League in disarray. This issue begins with some beautiful art by Gary Frank of all the corners of the DC Universe coming to Mars to confront Doctor Manhattan. The Green Lantern Corp, the Justice League, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, the Shazam family and even members of the Titans show up to confront the threat. It seems Geoff Johns tired to fit every single DC hero possible, outside of the trinity, on one battlefield. This leads to some stunning pages of art and truly delivers on promises made at the outset of the title.

On Earth, Superman is recovering from the events of the last issue with Lois Lane and Lex Luthor by his side. Batman also recovers from the same event with Aflred. Bruce is also one step ahead of the game is moving quickly to want the others. Finally Wonder Woman is at the U.N, working to negotiate for peace. All throughout classic Watchmen vibes reverberate through the story as intense political allegory and commentary bleeds through the pages. Even Donald Trump has commented on Superman and the world’s public opinion of heroes is shifting once again.

Overall, Doomsday Clock #9 changes the landscape for the title as it nears its final act. With thirty pages of gorgeous art showcasing almost every single DC hero standing in opposition to Doctor Manhattan, fans will be thrilled as their eyes move from panel to panel. Like the series warrants, there is an incredible amount of detail and DC lore packed into every dialogue and secrets are revealed about the wider DC universe at every turn. Doctor Manhattan’s role in the the universe goes much deeper than fans will anticipate and the outcome of this issue sets the stage for the ultimate battle to come.