Triple Frontier – Review

Triple Frontier combines classic heist film elements, a survival story and a powerhouse cast with solid emotional beats to keep audiences invested throughout.

Directed by J.C. Chandor and written by Mark Boal, Triple Frontier shows how the Netflix model can work and seamlessly blends standard theatrical releases with an overall streaming rollout. With an A list cast and a solid budget, the film has been in limbo for a number of years before being picked up by Netflix. Starting with a limited theatrical release window before being available on the platform, Triple Frontier continues the trend of giving audiences unique ways to consume film.

Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier tells the story of 5 former special forces members who have all either retired or moved on from their decorated former life. With little working for them in their current lives, the group reunite to plan a heist in South America. Breaking their morals and ethics in an attempt to get what they deserve, the story follows the journey of these 5 men as they are put to the test physically and emotionally to survive. Partly a thrilling heist film and equally a survival film, Triple Frontier does a solid job switching between tones and pacing to fit the narrative structure. While the overall plot and premise is simple, it works for a film like this.

Leading the film are actors Oscar Isaac, Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Pedro Pascal, and Garrett Hedlund as the 5 former special forces operatives. Each of them feel betrayed by the system and forgotten by their country as a struggle to make ends meet or a loss of purpose vertebrates through all of them. From this group, Isaac and Affleck absolutely shine. Isaac leads the film with a sense of cool and calm while Ben Affleck shines in his first role Post-Batman.

Ben Affleck

Triple Frontier works with a simple story; taking 5 soldiers, making them desperate and testing their moral and ethical limits. While the writing, pacing and directing is solid, the cast is the true driving force of the film. Without this cast, the movie might have suffered more but they fill in the gaps and come together to bring a strong product. Chemistry between the actors boost character interactions and elevates the drama at hand. Overall, the film will leave audiences excited and thrilled by the action packed journey. Small issues with pacing in the final act slightly hinder the film but doesn’t ruin the experience.

Overall, Triple Frontier is a solid heist/survival film. Carried on the shoulders of its ensemble cast, the film doesn’t try to be more than what’s advertised. Audiences know they are getting an action packed heist movie with elements of survival and drama wrapped in. A surprising amount of heart elevates the film’s themes and creates a great experience for Netflix consumers.