Mera: Tidebreaker – Review

Many of our heroes, villains, even anti-heroes have all shared their stories over time. Some more epic, intense, heart aching than others. Stories that have helped shape us, and even influence the choices we make in life. Mera: TideBreaker is THAT story. One that not only proves itself, but herself. This is an origin story of persistence, determination and courage. It’s not a story about finding yourself, but solidifying it. Being more than the constraints of others around you and not letting anyone else control that.

I really cannot express my gratitude to Danielle Paige and Stephen Byrne for bringing this story to life. Mera’s story. As a long-time fan of Mera, to have the opportunity to read this in advance and review this book, both Danielle and DC Comics have my absolute appreciation.

To sum things up [No spoilers], Danielle has given us an in-depth history and background into Mera’s family, home, and even herself. Expanding from what we’ve seen in the Brightest Day events and Secret Origins (2014), basically New 52 canon.

Jumping straight into the negatives: The first negative for me was getting to the end and knowing that I couldn’t read more. I found myself desperate for more, sitting on the couch wondering how to push DC to expand on her story. If I had to be critical, my only “negative” which I guess isn’t really a negative the slightly modern elements it has. Does Mera have a Shell Watch? Like an Apple Watch but underwater? Also, Arthur seems he lives a very modern life. Even though he is still in the tower, in terms of his job and outgoings, things seem very 21st century. Again, this isn’t really a negative but more of an adjustment. As most of their encounters have been based more in traditional settings.

(Minor spoilers below)

Now the positives: I really could go forever about this. I skipped seeing Captain Marvel just to read the rest of this book. I was half way through within 30mins and I was addicted.

One of Mera’s most appreciated attributes is her sass! And Danielle did not at all deprive us from this. From the get go, Mera is on her game and she is not letting anyone in her way. Literally. Reading the first 35 pages, I couldn’t believe how well the dialogue was written. Especially for Mera, you could feel the characterisation come through and there was no holding back. My favourite DC writer Geoff Johns gave us sassy Mera, but Danielle gave us Queen Tier Sassy Mera! I felt myself tearing up just with the level of push of personality Mera received.

Another thing that was a major plus for me was Danielle’s attention to the questions a lot of us Mera fans have wondered: Who is Mera’s mother? What was she like? Did she look like Mera? What was her direction as Queen? Following from Secret Origins (2014) Issue 5, we see a glimpse of Mera’s mother. She advises Mera who true mission in life is to find her independency, to marry who she wants to marry, to lead the life she wants. And through Danielle’s writing we were able to see that executed beautifully. If someone ever wants to know where Mera gets her warrior attributes from, she definitely got it from her mama!

One last positive but certainly not the least, her relationship with Arthur. So much of this story honors their current continuity in DC and really stays true to the themes and elements that brought our King and Queen together. Without spoiling their introduction to each other. They really both serve as each other’s Ying and Yang. Much like DC’s New 52 continuity, their relationship didn’t just begin with a glass slipper. It was conflicted, for a moment broken, and a learning progressive development. But by going through those situations, it united them and made them stronger than ever. Fighting against odds, setting a new and better direction for their people, they prove once again. That they are one of DC’s best power couples!

I have never been more proud to review a story and I am forever grateful to DC for giving her this chance to expand and show the world why she is the Queen she is. She has taught me so much and shaped me and the choices I’ve made.

I recommend this book to readers of all ages and anyone who needs a pick me up. Because if Mera can do it, so can you.