ComicBook Debate Children’s Hospital – Toy Charity Event

Last week, The Farooqi Bros led ComicBook Debate through our Hospital Toy Event. Working with NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, was an honor for us. As one of the nation’s premier children’s hospitals, we felt it was a great fit for our latest charity. We accomplished our goal of making sure each child got a DC or Marvel action figure of their own. Fortunately, not only did each child get one toy, they got multiple. To that, we must thank all of you for your incredible support.

Our Hospital Toy Event Vlog


After weeks of crowdfunding, we raised over $1000 and purchased toys for the 150 kids currently at the hospital. Hundreds of retweets, reposts, shares and likes across social media poured in. Our Twitter and Vero-True Social followers especially went above and beyond sharing our GoFundMe project. We extend our heartfelt thank you. To each every person who donated, shared and amplified our voice, we appreciate you.

Once we crowdfunded the money needed to make this charity event a reality, we quickly went to work. We aimed to purchase a wide variety of DC and Marvel action figures. We knew each kid would have a favorite hero of their own. From DC, we had multiple Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman action figures. From Marvel, we had multiple Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Black Panther figures. As expected, Iron Man, Spider-Man went fast due to the popularity of the MCU and the release of Avengers: Endgame. DC was also a popular option, with Batman toys flying off the table.

The Hospital Event

The most rewarding part of this experience was seeing the faces of the kids picking out their toys. The charity event was set up with multiple tables filled with activities. The great staff at NYP had capes, costumes, arts and crafts and painting options all themed around superheroes ready for the kids to enjoy. Through the afternoon, we got a chance to spend time with the children and their parents one on one, talking about their favorite superheroes and helping them pick our their favorites. Once we realized we brought enough toys for all the kids with a bunch left over, many of them got to come back to the table and pick another one out as well!

It was such a humbling experience speaking to the parents about how much their kids love these heroes and seeing the faces of the children brighten up as they opened up their Spider-Man action figure. Superheroes mean so much more to our current culture and climate than it ever has before and it transcends any one film, actor or director. At their core, these kids love these heroes because it empowered them.

The Core of ComicBook Debate

For the Farooqi Bros, events like these are what makes ComicBook Debate what it is. At our core, our faith guides us and we feel like giving back to the community, being a force for positivity and inspiring others is the true nature of this site and brand. ComicBook Debate will always cover the latest from the superhero world, we continuously strive to uphold journalistic integrity and make sure diverse voices are given a platform to contribute in this industry. But events like our recent Hospital Toy Charity, youth Voting initiatives and participation in the Black Panther Challenge last year, make up the why of ComicBook Debate. As always, we want to thank everyone for their continuing support, encouragement, and love as we continue growing this brand.

-The Farooqi Bros