Marvel’s The Avengers To Debut At E3 2019

The long-awaited The Avengers game from publisher and developer Square Enix has finally been confirmed for an appearance at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The announcement comes from a recently created Twitter account called @PlayAvengers, where it was specified that the title will have a presence at Square Enix’s press conference on June 10th at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time.

The logo for Marvel’s The Avengers features a re-imagining of the classic logo that’s slightly reminiscent of the Avengers World storyline that Marvel published from 2014-2015. Whether this is an indication of what the story for the AAA superhero title may be remains to be seen, but we will see in the coming weeks. This could also confirm the rumors that the title would have a multiplayer aspect as well.

Soon after the announcement, Game Awards producer/creator Geoff Keighley announced that he would be hosting a showcase with Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix for Marvel’s The Avengers at the E3 Coliseum on June 11th.

With all of this excitement in mind I’d imagine that E3 is definitely going to belong to Marvel more than anybody else.

The previously titled The Avengers Project was announced over two years ago and now we’re finally going to see what Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos Montreal have been working on since then. There has been discussion that Marvel’s The Avengers could release on both the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and the next-gen Xbox. This comes following job postings on the Crystal Dynamics website implying that the developer was looking for employees who could work on next-gen consoles. With this in mind it is possible that if we do not see a release for The Avengers in 2019, then we are sure to see it released at some point in 2020. We are sure to find out during Square Enix’s conference on June 10th.