Explaining Spider-Man’s Exit From Marvel: Disney & Sony Fallout

Spider-Man’s future in the MCU is not looking so great. If a deal can’t be reached between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, Kevin Feige will not produce any future Spider-Man films. Deadline has reported that there were two additional Spider-Man films planned, starring Tom Holland, and with director, Jon Watts set to return.

Deadline’s Report of Disney/Sony Fallout over Spider-Man

Deadline first reported that due to the inability between Sony Pictures and Disney to reach new terms, Marvel will not produce any more Spider-Man films. Variety then reported that a deal could still be reached between Disney and Sony. The future of Spider-Man is definitely unclear at this moment.  If they cannot come to an agreement, Tom Holland would not be expected to return as Spider-Man.  The future films would not be able to mention Iron Man, or anything to do with the MCU.  There was no mention of Spider-Man during Comic Con last month when phase 4 of Marvel was announced, and with their inability to come to an agreement, this could be the reasoning why.  

Reports state Disney had requested all future Spider-Man projects to be a 50/50 co-financing arrangement between Marvel and Sony, but Sony declined.  Sony attempted to compromise with leaving their current deal in place, where Marvel would profit about 5% of first dollar gross, and keeping their merchandising rights, but Disney refused the offer.

How Disney Can Still Keep Spider-Man

Following that, a Sony rep stated that negotiations are still ongoing, which is the most updated news we’ve received following the initial report.  Regardless, it’s murky territory for Spider-Man and it is never a good sign when bad news gets out to the public.

Spider-Man: Far From Home, was Sony’s highest grossing film of all time, it climbed to $1.109 billion in global box office revenue.  Far From Home set the stage for Peter Parker to take over the mantle of Iron Man, so it would be devastating to some fans for that story to come to a complete halt.  Sony Pictures’ 2018 Venom movie grossed over $800 million worldwide, and Andy Serkis was recently announced to direct the sequel.  If Spider-Man does leave the MCU, it does open the opportunity for Spider-Man and Venom to tango, in an upcoming film.  This would also mean that Spider-Man would no longer be a member of the Avengers.  However, there has been no official statement from Marvel Studios or Sony Pictures, so negotiations still could be ongoing at this time.