Top 5 Comics- September 2019

It’s another month and that means we have more comics to talk about. September has been a great month for comic releases and we’ll take a look at a few that really stood out this month. As usual, there might be some spoilers present in this article so please take that into account. So let’s get to it!

The Web of Black Widow #1


This month saw the new Black Widow miniseries by Jody Houser and Stephen Mooney drop. It comes as a welcome surprise since the last Black Widow series ended not too long ago. So those who have been eagerly waiting to get back into the adventures and exploits of Natasha Romanoff can do so with this new miniseries. Houser has put out many great comics (her Star Wars comics stand out for me) so I was excited to see what her take on Black Widow would be. Stephen Mooney has a gift for drawing noir, espionage series and I highly recommend you check out his work for Image’s The Dead Hand. With the two of them together, we can get nothing short of an exciting, thrilling spy thriller, completely appropriate for the Black Widow herself. While the idea of Natasha’s past coming back to haunt her isn’t a new concept, Houser and Mooney (with colors by Triona Farrell) are able to draw the readers in with a moody and thrilling opening chapter that’ll have you eagerly waiting for more. For me, I can’t praise Mooney’s artwork enough in this book. The action sequences are jaw-dropping and certain panel layouts are incredibly creative. Overall, this is a great beginning for readers who are eager to jump back into the murky spy world of Black Widow. Check it out!

Batman #78


Bane rules Gotham City with an iron fist and with the help of some of Batman’s most devious foes, makes it so no superheroes are allowed entry into the city. Meanwhile, Batman is regaining his strength and his will to take back his city. The story on Bane gets put on hold as Bruce and Selina’s relationship gets thrown back into the spotlight as the two of them slowly let down their guard around each other again. For those of you who were heartbroken over the failed wedding last year, this will be an issue you won’t want to miss. In fact, the relationship between Batman and Catwoman is the real strength of King’s run, which makes issues #78-79 so strong. Clay Mann’s artwork is incredibly detailed and gorgeous and with colors by Tomeu Morey, this is one of the most visually arresting comics out there. King lets us see a different side of Bruce in this issue, letting us see that, yes, he is human, and he was heartbroken by the events of the wedding and realizing that he doesn’t need to be alone to be Batman. It’s one of the most defining character moments for Batman we’ve seen in years. These last two issues were nothing short of spectacular and it makes me incredibly excited to see how he plans to end his Batman run. Thankfully we’ll see get plenty more of his BatCat next year.

Strikeforce #1


Another new Marvel series dropped this month and it’s one of my most anticipated new titles of the year: Strikeforce #1! I don’t want to call them the outcasts of the big Marvel teams, but the characters in this book all have their secrets or shadowy pasts which makes this team all the more exciting. With characters like Spider-Woman, Blade, Winter Soldier, and others together, you can’t help but be intrigued. Tini Howard and German Peralta craft an exciting horror tale that sort of spins out of War of the Realms in a way. Dealing with a faction of faes that can wear the skin of anyone, the team is tasked with taking the fight to them before they can cause too much damage. Howard wastes no time getting us caught up with what’s happening, and the book moves along at a very quick pace. However, it never feels like you’re missing out on any vital information. This is the kind of book that I really enjoy, a book that’s a bit creepy and suspenseful but also has a bit of a thriller vibe to it. Jordie Bellaire’s colors are also very beautiful as her colors match Howard’s tone perfectly, as they capture lush greens and vegetation as well as the dank, creepy atmosphere of an abandoned research station. It’s also a new ongoing featuring one of my favorite heroines, Spider-Woman, so I’m incredibly excited to see her back in a book every month. If you’re looking for a new series that isn’t afraid to dive into darker and horror elements, look no further than Strikeforce!

Aquaman #52


Arthur Curry’s return to Amnesty Bay has been quite an eventful one. He’s brought the sea gods he met in Unspoken Water with him, he’s taken on a new protege, restored his memories and figured out he needs to sort some things out with Mera, and oh yeah…there’s a big sea monster that’s attacking his hometown of Amnesty Bay. So, the former King of Atlantis has had a lot on his plate lately. Kelly Sue DeConnick has done a masterful job of exploring Aquaman’s new status quo and bringing in new characters and ideas to really push this series in a whole new direction. However, this issue belongs to the art team of Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Sunny Gho who give us a book filled with jaw-dropping visuals and excitement that is worthy enough to be on the big screen. Meanwhile, Aquaman’s arch-nemesis Black Manta is preparing to launch his own attack against his rival. With the help of Lex Luthor, Manta was introduced to the Mecha Manta, a robot that had been programmed to think and talk like his late father. Things are getting pretty exciting for Aquaman and you don’t want to miss out!

Captain America #14


With the help of the Daughters of Liberty, Steve Rogers has been fighting to clear his name after being framed for the murder of Thaddeus Ross. After being sprung free from the Myrmidon, Steve has set aside the alias of Captain America so the world can see him as Steve Rogers, the man and hero himself. After being on the defensive since the beginning of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ run, Steve is ready to fight back against the nefarious Power Elite and their allies. With the help of Echo and White Tiger, Steve is able to infiltrate a group of white supremacists known as the Watchdogs. With energetic artwork from Niko Walter and Matt Milla, the book is exciting and eye-catching as Captain America and the Daughters of Liberty mete out their own sense of justice against the racists. This was one of the more action-packed issues as of late and with Walter’s unique art style, it reminded me a lot of some of the earlier, zanier Captain America stories that I love. Coates and company are slowly building up an exciting Captain America story that puts Steve back on the offensive and I, for one, cannot wait to see where else Coates takes us.