Charlie’s Angels – Review

Charlie’s Angels adds new flair to the all female gang, it’s a fresh new take on the franchise that’ll make you wish you were an Angel after viewing.

This film is Directed and Produced by Elizabeth Banks and Elizabeth Cantillon. Starring Kristen Stewart as Sabina, Namoi Scott as Elena, Ella Balsinka as Jane, and Elizabeth Banks as Bosley. This group of highly skilled women use all the weapons they have at their disposal. The Angel’s have gone international, and when a project created by a system engineer gets into the wrong hands the consequences could be deadly. Bosley brings the girls together to save the world.

Chiabella James, Entertainment Weekly, Sony pictures.

This film has a solid cast of angels, but the front runner of the group has got to be Kristen Stewart. She gives a hilarious, and agile performance from start to finish. There’s no way the general audience can come out of this film thinking that Kristen doesn’t smile. She steals every scene she is in, whether is a well timed quip, or an action sequence that she nails. Ella, and Naomi also give great performances. Ella is the guns of the operation, and does not disappoint when during heartfelt dialogue, or a during a shootout. Naomi does an excellent job of being the smart one of the bunch, and you quickly find out she’s got the brawn and the brain. This trio has amazing chemistry, and it shows each time these women share the screen.

Other than having a top notch cast of angels this film also does work in the action department. This film has explosions, high speed chases, gun fights, and high speed chases with enormous guns. Although, during some of the fight scenes there can be one too many cuts, overall this film does not steer away from these women kicking butt.. and it doesn’t steer away from them getting beat up either. These ladies always walk away from a fight with new scars, and new bruises. Honorable mention to the things this film got right is the makeup, hair, and costume design. There are many outfit changes in this film, and each time we see the Angel’s they have their own unique style that sets them apart.

Chiabella James, Entertainment Weekly, Sony pictures.

This film does lack in a few areas, first being the villain. While watching this film, you see that the bad guy changes, and it changes quite a bit. So if you get up to use the restroom, or maybe blank out for a split second you might miss something important in regards to the villain. The second aspect this film lacks is the score. A majority of this films soundtrack is done by Ariana Grande, so if you’re not a huge fan of her’s this kind of takes you away from the film. Last piece of this film that lacks is Bosley, Elizabeth Banks plays the first female Bosley, and it falls short. Her performance isn’t convincing the audience that she is able to lead this group of Angel’s. Her lines just don’t hit, and often times her scenes were forgettable.

For it’s faults, Charlie’s Angels is a great modern take on the 1970’s franchise. For what it lacks in action, or score, it makes up in having a great new trio of Angel’s who work incredibly well together.