Why Is The Internet Obsessed With Bruce Wayne’s Money?

If you browse comic book twitter for long enough you’ll begin to see that many people have a lot to say about Bruce Wayne, and his methods. Many are critical on the way he spends his enormous wealth, and the way he handles his rouges gallery. But many do not go beyond the surface of the caped crusader to see how Bruce Wayne tries to fix Gotham. Is Bruce Wayne really just a rich boy bully who beats downtrodden people up, and pretends it’s justice?


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Bruce Wayne is a business man in the heart of Gotham, he owns Wayne Enterprises and the Wayne Foundation. Companies that were founded by his family in the 17th century. Within these two companies Bruce Wayne does numerous charitable acts to raise the people of Gotham City. Named after his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce seeks to improve those who society ignores.

Thomas Wayne Foundation

The Thomas Wayne foundation does much to improve the health and well being of those who reside in Gotham. This foundation funds helath facilities in around Gotham such as; Thomas Wayne Memorial Clinic that is in Gotham’s crime alley. Giving those less fortunate a place for safe medical treatment.

Outside of treating those in Gotham with medical needs, this foundation also works in the same way as the Nobel Foundation. Rewarding those who commit their lives to the medical field, and those who make advances in the medical field.

This foundation doesn’t just help those in Gotham, but it also helps those around the world. The Thomas Wayne foundation funds hospitals, and clinics in many other countries.

Martha Wayne Foundation

Just as the Thomas Wayne Foundation, The Martha Foundation is put in place to better the lives of those who live in Gotham. This foundation focuses on education, family life, and enriching the arts. One of the many great programs this foundation does is run free education, numerous orphanages, and helps those with learning disabilities.

This foundation also runs soup kitchens for Gotham’s homeless, and runs a program that brings families together called Family Finders.

Although, many people argue that philanthropy work doesn’t make a long term change in those who are seeking the help. But in a city like Gotham, and those who inhabit it need all the help they can get. Without the help of the Thomas and Martha Foundations Gotham would be in worse shape than it currently is.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros.

Street Justice

Outside of the how Bruce Wayne spends his money, internet goers dislike how he goes after the worst of the worst of Gotham. Many takes online think that when Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl to become Batman, that he is too brutal. They claim that Batman just beats people for the fun of it, and leaves them worse off than death.

Many people forget that Batman’s rogue gallery are criminals that are too far gone. These people are beyond rehabilitation, or help. Batman taking the Joker into Gotham City Police Department won’t stop bad things from happening. Hell, even placing them into Arkham Asylum doesn’t stop their reign of terror. His rogue gallery isn’t full of petty crime, that’s for GCPD to handle.

Batman uses what he knows works; brute strength, and fear. Does this result in broken bones, concussions, and possible brain damage? Yes, yes it does, but at the end of the day Batman isn’t a police officer. Batman is a masked hero serving up vigilante justice in the city that he wants to protect. Batman wants to save the innocence’s of Gotham, and knows that he needs to do whatever he can to do that.

At the end of the day, what’s important to remember is that no matter your stance on whether Bruce Wayne is a good guy or not. Whether he spends his money to your liking, or handles justice to your liking. Remember that Bruce Wayne is just a fictional character, and that no matter how he spends his fictional money, or how many fictional bones he breaks, that these takes remind us of how awesome it would be to have a real life Batman.

Bruce Wayne does what he can with his wealth to help Gotham, and what money cannot fix, Batman uses his fists. He understands that money corrupts people, and that throwing all his money into Gotham wouldn’t fix anything for long.