10 Best Female Comicbook Movie Moments Of The Decade

Without a doubt women heroes ruled the silver screen. From Amazon warriors, to kick ass 11 year olds, the 2010’s have been a decade of women. Here is a list of 10 moments that stick out from the crowd.

10. Wanda vs. Thanos

Marvel Studios

In 2018 we saw the Avengers are their lowest point in “Infinity War” dir. Russo Brothers. Half of the population was wiped out by one snap of Thanos’ fingers. This left many of our favorite Avengers shocked, and saddened. For Scarlet Witch, she saw the life ripped out of her love, Vision, by the hands of Thanos.

The next year we see the Avengers fighting Thanos again, in a desperate attempt to stop Thanos from ever reaching the stones. A Thanos from the past, who doesn’t recognize his enemies. During the third act of “Avengers: Endgame”dir. Russo Brothers, Scarlet Witch takes Thanos on herself. She almost overpowers thanos, but he calls in an airstrike.

Wanda has come a long way from her first introduction into the MCU, and her future is even brighter. With her own Disney+ series coming in 2021, we can expect to see many more epic scenes from her.

9. Jean Grey vs. Aliens

Fox Studios

In 2019 we got the final installment of Fox’s X-men films, “Dark Phoenix” dir Simon Kingberg. Although the film has its weak spots, Sophie Turners performance as Jean Grey was a bright spot in this film. Jean takes on new powers, and new foes in this film. You see her losing control of herself, and the Phoenix power.

Near the end of the film Jean saves her fellow mutants from peril at the hands of an alien invasion. Jean takes the fight to the ground, and you truly see how powerful Jean is. Enemies turned to dust with a single look, or touch from Jean. Although, Jean never dons her comic outfit, we do see her turn into a phoenix in space after destroying her alien foes.

8. Valkyrie Flashback

Marvel Studios

In 2017 we were introduced to Valkyrie in “Thor: Ragnarok” dir. Taika Waititi. She played an integral role in helping Thor defeat Hela, and her plan to destroy Asgard.

One of the best part of the film was the flashback scene of the Valkyrie’s taking on Hela. It was a beautifully shot scene, showing the Valkyrie’s on their pegasus’. Although, the scene is rather sad in nature, we see a glimpse into Vallyries past, and the warrior women of Asgard. This scene is one of the most beautiful in the MCU, and often gets overlooked.

Valkyrie then appears again in 2019’s “Avengers: Endgame” dir. Russo Brothers, where she helps in the fight against Thanos. At the end of the film, Thor tells Valkyrie she is now the King of Asgard. She will appear again in Taika Waititi’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” in 2021.

7. Hit Girl


2010 brought us “Kick-Ass” dir. Matthew Vaughn, based on the comic of the same name, it is a film about a teen’s love for comics. The film centers around people who are ordinary people who decide to become superheroes. One of them being Hit Girl, who is an 11 year old crime fighting vigilante.

Her moment of shine is when she takes our an entire room of grown men, stabbing, swearing, and being a complete badass. She at one point chops a man’s legs off with a single blow. There was quite a bit of backlash in the media over the way they Hit Girl was shown. Many had an issue with the language she was using, and the violence that was shown. But, this scene lives on, and shows how lethal she was.

Hit Girl went on to be in the sequel, “Kick-Ass 2” dir. Jeff Wadlow.

6. Princess of Xebel

Warner Bros.

The year 2018 was a great year for Atlanteans, “Aquaman” dir. James Wan, not only showed us the Kingdom of Atlantis, but the many powerful beings that inhabit it. Princess Mera of Xebel, being one of the most powerful. Mera has the ability to use water as a weapon, among other powers as well.

In the film, Mera and Aquaman are ambushed by Black Manta and Atlantean Guards. The scene cuts between Arthur fighting Black Manta, and Mera taking on the guards on her own. At some point, Mera ends up in a room full of bottles of wine. She uses her Hydrokenisis, and uses the water inside to take out the remaining guards.

Throughout the entire film Mera is kicking butt, and even during the third act she uses many of her powers to save Atlantis from Orms control. Mera will appear again in the “Aquaman” sequel in, 2022.

5. Agent Romanoff

Marvel Studios

Black Widow is arguably the most known female heroes in the MCU, she was the first female Avenger, and has been there for every mission. She has played an integral role in the success of the MCU, and has proven that the Avengers are truly Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Natasha makes her debut in “Iron Man: 2”, dir. Jon Favreau, she is an agent of sheild and helps Nick Fury recruit Tony Stark to the Avengers Initiative. During Natasha sneaks herself, and Happy Hogan into Hammer Industries, and is quickly met by several security guards.

She enters a hallway and begins to easily take out guard after guard. It shows how skilled Natasha is as a fighter, and how no matter the size, she can take them down. Black Widow has been a staple in the MCU for many years, and in 2020 she will finally be getting her solo film, “Black Widow” dir. Cate Shortland.

4. Lois Lane

Warner Bros. Pictures

Lois Lane, played by the talented Amy Adams, was brought to life in 2013’s “Man of Steel” dir. Zack Snyder. She was hard working, smart, and the perfect counter part to Henry Cavill’s Superman. Amy brought a new spark of life into our favorite reporter. Something that often gets overlooked is how smart Lois Lane truly is.

The scene that shows just how intelligent Lois Lane is we need to go to 2016’s “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” dir. Zack Snyder. We see Lois throughout the entire film being the head strong reporter we know and love. When Lois enters the apartment of Wallace Keefe. Lois notices things about Wallace’s apartment that investigators miss.

This scene is important to who Lois is because Lois proves that Wallace was framed for the capital city bombing that took place. She notices that Wallace has just bought groceries in his apartment. This leads Lois on the path of finding out who was truly behind it, Lex Luthor.

3. No Man’s Land

Warner Bros. Pictures

There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to female comicbook movie moments, Diana Prince is on everyone’s list. Following her first appearance in the DCEU in 2016’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” dir. Zack Snyder, Diana finds herself saving the world, for the first time.

In 2017’s “Wonder Woman” dir. Patty Jenkins, we see Diana thrown into man’s world for the first time. She is on a mission to complete the sacred duty of the Amazons, defeat Ares, and bring peace to the world.

Throughout the film we see Diana deal with being told “no”, simply because she is a woman in a World War 1 era. Diana and Steve enlist the help of a group of ragtag heroes, and they head to the front lines, where the battle is the worst, they go to No Mans Land. On their journey Diana sees men, women, and children suffering, and she is told she cannot do anything about it.

Diana takes justice into her own hands, and this is when Diana Prince becomes Wonder Woman. She storms the battlefield, causing her allies to follow her lead. They defeat the enemy front lines, and free the village of Veld. Diana appears again in 2020’s “Wonder Woman: 1984” dir. Patty Jenkins.

2. The Dora Milaje vs. Kilmonger

Marvel Studios

There is no doubt that 2017 brought us some of the best female heroes of the decade. In “Black Panther” dir. Ryan Coogler, we see an all female group of women from Wakanda. They are better known as the Dora Milaje, they are a special forces group in Wakanda that serve as the King of Wakanda.

To see the Dora Milaje truly shine is when they take on Kilmonger. Lead by General Okoye, the warrior women defend Wakanda from Kilmonger, and his henchmen. The Dora Milaje almost subdue Kilmonger, but then get overpowered by him, and his enchanced gold accented suit.

Seeing this group of fierce, and beautiful women stand together was one of the best moments in the MCU. The Dora Milaje returns in “Black Panter: 2” dir. Ryan Coogler in 2022.

1. Is She With You?

Warner Bros. Pictures

Closing in the list is Wonder Woman’s first apperance in the DCEU, and her first appearance on the big screen. In “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” dir. Zack Snyder, we see Diana drop from the sky in the fight against Doomsday.

Paired with Hans Zimmers “Is She With You?”, Diana decides that she must interfere and save Batman from what would’ve been his demise. As the smoke clears we see Wonder Woman in her iconic crossed bracer position. Diana then continues to the fight as she dives, slashs, and lassos the kryptonian deformity. Eventually, Doomsday is defeated, but at the expense of Supermans life. Diana then teams up with Bruce Wayne to make sure Superman did not die in vain.

Diana Prince appeared in her own solo film “Wonder Woman” dir. Patty Jenkins in 2017, and will receive her sequel “Wonder Woman:1984” dir. Patty Jenkins in 2020.

Honorable Mention

Captain Marvel vs. Thanos – “Avengers: Endgame” dir. Russo Brothers

Okoye casino brawl – “Black Panther” dir. Ryan Coogler

Alita Awakens – “Alita: Battle Angel” dir. Robert Rodriguez

A Force homage – “Avengers: Endgame” dir. Russo Brothers

Amazons of Themyscira – “Wonder Woman” dir. Patty Jenkins

Domino being lucky – “Deadpool 2” dir. David Leitch

Harley Quinn elevator fight – “Suicide Squad” dir. David Ayer

Faora – “Man of Steel” dir. Zack Snyder

X-23 rolling heads – “Logan” dir. James Mangold