Top Ten Comic Book Films of the Decade

The 2010-2019 decade is now coming to a close. For fans of superheroes and comic books, it was a fantastic decade filled with incredible moments on film, television and the pages themselves. The ComicBook Debate team has once again come together to provide a list of their favorites. But unlike last time, where a team of 40 members broke down their top ten comic book films of all time, we are now going to focus purely on the last decade of superhero films. Without further ado, here are the top ten comic book films of the decade

Honorable Mentions

With a smaller core team of features and contributing writers, 20 team members from around the globe gave in their respective lists. As always, not every film on every list made it to the final rankings but honorable mentions are in order.

2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, 2018’s Black Panther, 2019’s Shazam!, and 2019’s Avengers: Endgame each saw love from our team. These films showed up on close to 40% of lists and for good reason. Days of Future Past is considered one of the very best X-Men films to date, with incredible acting and a story that bridged two timelines together as the ultimate X-Men team-up. Black Panther was a historic moment for fans as it brought a fan-favorite character to screen in T’Challa. The film had strong directing, acting and an incredible score as it launched charitable fundraisers around the world. ComicBook Debate took part in the #BlackPantherChallenge that year, raising $5000 and taking an entire middle school in New York City to see the film. 2019’s Shazam and Avengers: Endgame each released this year but won the hearts of many writers.

#10- Aquaman 

Coming in at the tenth spot on ComicBook Debate’s ranking is Aquaman. James Wan’s visually stunning DC story featured Jason Momoa playing the titular hero. The film went on to be DC’s first billion-dollar hit since 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. The film was popular for our team and found its way to many lists, albeit on the bottom. Still, it earns its spot as the tenth best comic book film of the decade.

#9-Avengers: Infinity War 

Coming in at the ninth spot is Avengers: Infinity WarInfinity War shocked audiences as it took the Marvel Cinematic Universe to its darkest level yet. With a cliffhanger finale, huge action set pieces and emotional moments, fans went in with incredible hype for the battle between the Avengers and Thanos. Likewise, our team showed a lot of love for the film and earns the ninth spot on the decade list.

#8-The Dark Knight Rises 

The Dark Knight Rises is the finale to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. While impossible to reach the standards set by The Dark KnightThe Dark Knight Rises managed to win the hearts of many team members, with the introduction of Tom Hardy’s Bane as a true highlight of the film. While the film took the eighth spot on the list, it has seen many top 5 spots, even a #1 spot for a team writer. The film was one of the first comic book films of the decade but remains one of the best.

#7-Wonder Woman 

Coming in at 7th place is Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. The first true blockbuster for female-led superhero films, Wonder Woman has a memorable charm that led to many team members having it on their lists. Outside of just the historical aspect of the film, Wonder Woman is superbly directed by Patty Jenkins and features some of the best sequences in comic book movie history with No Man’s Land.


James Mangold’s Logan is considered the absolute peak of what the Fox X-Men franchise achieved. The film achieved an emotional and heartbreaking finale for Hugh Jackman’s run as Wolverine. The film took a deep-dive character study on the character, taking him to his darkest levels yet while achieving a renewed sense of what a comic book film can and should be. The film was quite popular among team members and just missed the top 5 spots by a hair.


The last comic book film of the decade and quickly rising to the top 5 of the decade, Joker, like Logan, flipped the comic book movie medium on its head. With a masterful performance by Joaquin Pheonix and strong directing by Todd Phillips, the film truly feels unique and historic. Joker found its way on virtually every list, with most putting it in the top 5. A few even put Joker as their #1 comic book film of the decade. One of the Farooqi Brothers, Zayyan, had Joker as his best film of the decade.

#4-Captain America: The Winter Solider

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the most popular Marvel Cinematic Universe film for the team. The top 4 spots were all tied for the sheer number of appearances on our team, with their place on each ballot deciding the final structure. The Winter Soldier had good reason to have that much love, it was the first MCU film to delve into the political thriller realm. It took the Captain America character to his highest heights with a film that felt modern, fresh and needed. The best comic book film of 2014 and arguably one of the best of the decade, the team gave the film the 4th spot.

#3-Man of Steel 

Coming in at number three is Man of SteelMan of Steel rejuvenated Superman for a new generation. In many ways, the spiritual successor to Donner’s Superman films, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is the perfect blend of classic and modern. With a bombastic score by Hans Zimmer and strong performances all around, the film was on almost every list and almost always in the top five. Editor-in-Cheif, Sheraz Farooqi had this film at his #1 spot.

#2-Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 

There is something truly one-of-a-kind about Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. The movie redefined what it means to be a living comic book. Everything from its flawless animation, incredible soundtrack, and believable voice acting came together to create a masterpiece. Into The Spider-Verse found its way to the top 5 of almost every list, with many opting to put it in the top spot. One of the Farooqi brothers, Sameer, had the film at his #1.

#1-Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition

At the number one spot on ComicBook Debate’s decade list is Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeBatman v Superman is one of the most unique films ever made. Love it or hate it, the film did something no other comic book film dared to do and went places that the medium was not always willing to go. The ultimate edition of the film, in particular, was by far the most popular choice for our team and found its way to the #1 spot for many members of the team. One of the Farooqi brothers, Omer, had BvS as his #1 of the decade. With Zack Snyder’s keen eye of directing, coupled with a strong score, incredible cinematography and a sense of fresh direction for historic characters, the film took the top spot of ComicBook Debate’s best comic book films of the decade.

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