DCeased: Unkillables #1 – The Rise of The Villains

Written By: Tom Taylor

Illustrated By: Trevor Scott, Karl Mostert

Warning: Spoilers for DCeased and DCeased: Unkillables

Based on the electrifying events of 2019’s smash hit mini-series DCeased,  Unkillables is a poem to the original series. The six-part DCeased mini-series quickly earned popularity leading to the now sequel. I wouldn’t call it a sequel, but rather a comrade to the initial series. Luckily the fans didn’t need to wait very long, before Unkillables was announced. This series is far from a dimmed pace. Within the first few pages, we are already witnessing the poor fella at the end of Deathstroke’s blade. The illustration is truly captivating.

Tom Taylor is putting the antiheroes at the forefront of this series. This series answers the questions of “What did the not so heroic characters do, as the apocalypse was happening?” And, “If the heroes failed, will the anti-heroes succeed?” Taylor tackles multiple DC villains and is able to superbly integrate each narrative simultaneously without the comic feeling jumbled. This series doesn’t shy away from gore, or blood splattered pages, which makes everything that much better. And, based on the first issue I’d say this will be a hit mini-series as well.

The Tale of Deathstroke

Our story takes us back to day one of the Anti-life virus breakout. We follow Deathstroke on an assignment to take out some arsonists, only for him to find a house full of Nazis zombies. Of course, as he killed them, they rose again. Which is a tad above his pay grade at this point, so he pulls out his phone to renegotiate his earnings, where he’s met with the Anti-life equation. Luckily for Slade, he’s much different. His healing factor reverses the Anti-life virus.

From there he makes his way to Rose Wilson’s side to get ahold of her and escape. They are extended an offer from Vandal Savage through Mirror Master. Being surrounded by the infected, they take the offer and arrive in a remote location. Vandal Savage is over 50 thousand years old, and this isn’t the first extinction he’s encountered. So, he seems like a decent bet at survival. The villains believe that the heroes will fail the planet, and they will be able to inherit whatever is left.

They hideout alongside Solomon Grundy, Creeper, Cheetah, Captain Cold, Lady Shiva, Bane, and Deadshot. As we saw in the original mini-series, it won’t be long before someone in the group becomes infected. As previously stated in the series, the heroes biggest mistake was bringing all the heroes together. So, who will it be? And, what will trigger the events of their downfall, or shall they be successful?

DCeased: Unkillables #1

The Red Hood

We follow up with Jason Todd, who visits Gotham Manor in search of Batman only to find Tim Drake, Nightwing, and Batman deceased on the floor. The only living being in the manor was Ace. He gives them a proper burial, takes the batmobile and the pup to seek the remaining “Bat Family” who are still alive.

He arrives at GCPD, where many have succumbed to the virus. He rescues Jim Gordon, and Cassandra Cain. Other than Damien Wayne, she is the only other surviving member of the bat family at this point. But as already shown in the initial DCeased series, Damien Wayne will spend his remaining days on a new planet.

Gordon begs to find Barbara; however, Jason Todd shows him her flatlined heartrate on the batmobile’s computer system. In denial, he asks to be taken to her body. There we see a horrific scene showing her lifeless body. Jason Todd sees Joker’s dead body there and is infuriated that he isn’t the one who killed him. So, he strings the Joker as an ornament on the front of the Batmobile and they leave Gotham. They arrive at Bludhaven where they see an occupied building and find a group of orphan kids hiding out. They agree to stick together. And, that is the conclusion to this issue.

DCeased: Unkillables #1

On the last page, is states “Next: NEVER work with children or animals!” With that being said, the possible events leading to the downfall of Red Hood’s salvaged survivors might occur, leaving them doomed next issue.

DCeased Unkillables #2 RELEASE DATE: March 18th, 2020.