Heroes With Irish Heritage

Superheroes come from all around the world, and galaxy. As the world celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day, let’s take a look at superheroes that have Irish heritage.

Captain America

Captain America #700, Marvel Comics.

Although Captain America is one of the most patriotic American superheroes out there, Steve Rogers is Irish.

Steve grew up in New York during the 1930s, and being the child of immigrant parents was tough on Steve. He grew up knowing the importance of standing up for a greater purpose. His family was not rich by any means, and Steve’s childhood in an Irish immigrant household taught him how to be a hero. Even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Bucky recalls how Steve’s mother would have to stuff his shoes with newspapers to make them fit.

Without this upbringing who knows if Steve would’ve chosen to be imbued with the super-soldier serum and become the hero we know and love.


Marvel Comics #24, Marvel Comics.

Now, this hero is more on the nose than Captain America, but Shamrock is another Marvel hero with an Irish background.

Molly Fitzgerald is the child of an Irish militant, who as a child was bestowed the power of luck. Although her father wished for her brother to get the power, Molly was chosen instead. Her powers did not manifest until she was in college, where she discovered that when she was in trouble she always seemed to get out of it. Even when it seemed improbable she would prevail.

After discovering her power Molly chose to become the hero of Irland, naming herself Shamrock. To some her existence is gimmicky, but she’s one of the most unique and lesser-known Marvel heroes.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern #51, DC Comics.

Throughout time there have been many heroes chosen to be in the Green Lantern Corps, all coming from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Kyle Rayner is a continuation of this diverse lantern group.

Kyle Rayner is half Irish, as well as Latin-American. He gets his Irish side from his mother, and it’s a large part of who Kyle is. In the DC comics world Kyle struggles to attach himself to an identity. His mother attempts to help him by assisting him in learning the language of his ancestors, Gaelic.

Kyle becoming a Green Lantern out of any other of the Latern Corps can be seen as symbolic in away. He dons the green suit, with a green ring, as a constant reminder of his heritage and will power.


Daredevil #612, Marvel Comics.

Matt Murdock not only serves justice to Hell’s Kitchen as the vigilante Daredevil but also a crime-fighting lawyer.

As a child, Matt was involved in an accident with a toxic chemical that made him go blind. But, this was a blessing in disguise to Matt, although he lost his eyesight his other senses were greatly heightened. From Daredevils creation in 1964 his Irish background has become more and more popular.

Religion is an important aspect of Matt’s life, as many Irish people, Matt is devout Catholic. In the now canceled Marvel Netflix series “Daredevil” is shows how important Matt’s Catholic faith is to him.

Jack O’ Lantern

Justice League Europe #30, DC Comics.

The last hero on our list is Daniel Cormac of Ireland who is known as Jack O’ Lantern. Daniel is a local hero in Ireland that was recruited by the “Superfriends”.

Daniel got his powers are pretty unique, he received them from a magical lantern imbued by a fairy. They gave him many abilities such as strength, teleportation, illusions, and the ability to fly. His powers are most powerful at midnight and least powerful at noon.

As a child of a poor Irish farmer, Daniel chose to be a hero within Ireland and would later pass on the mantle of Jack O’ Lantern after dying of natural causes.