DCeased: Unkillables #2- The Return of Wonder Woman

Written By: Tom Taylor

Illustrated By: Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott

(Warning: Major Spoilers for DCeased: Unkillables #2)

With only one more issue left of this mini-series, Taylor gets the ball moving in this issue. And, as always Tom Taylor is not afraid to kill not just one, but a few characters in one issue. Taylor has only three issues to cover this story in the antiheroes’ point of view. With a lot of stories to tell, the pace is very fast. Which keeps you anticipating what’s going to be on the next page. But, is issue number two just as good as the first? Or does it start to crumble a bit?

DCeased: Unkillables #2

A Condensed Rundown

We begin this comic, three weeks after the last. We follow Vandal Savage and the band of villains hiding out at Ball’s Pyramid from the apocalypse. Lady Shiva uses Mirror Master to find Cassandra Cain at the orphanage and extends an offer for her to join the crew at Ball’s point. But, Cassandra refuses to leave without taking the children. After a few blows to each other, Shiva goes on her way without her daughter.

Back at the hideout things, or shall I say people are starting to unhinge. Consequently, Vandal Savage is up to no good and is experimenting with Creeper to find out why he’s immune to the virus. He then tricks Slade Wilson and ties him to a bed to experiment on him as well for the same reason. Until Rose comes to her father’s aid and spears Vandal Savage through the abdomen. As Vandal goes on to gloat that he’s over 50 thousand years old and isn’t surprised nor impressed. And, just as he finishes his sentence Wonder Woman explodes through the wall, ripping Vandal in half. Afterward, she then goes on to further infect everyone else.

Whilst Mirror Master is able to help Cheetah, Bane, Grundy, Deadshot, Slade and Rose Wilson escape back to the orphanage, he goes back to save Captain Cold. But, unfortunately, Captain Cold infects Mirror Master, and he becomes another number to the equation.  This is the first time we’ve seen Wonder Woman apart from the original DCeased series. With that being said, it was an unexpected surprise. The illustration of Wonder Woman particularly was very different than the original series. This is a given with the fact that we have a different illustrator in this comic series. However, the art is a little more inconsistent in this issue, than the previous.

Once the villains arrive at the orphanage, we fast forward three months. Much like the heroes, the villains are faced with very hard decisions, and no time to mourn any of the losses occurring around them.

Eventually, the villains become accustomed to the children and teaching them how to protect themselves. Their shells begin to crack, we especially see this with Grundy, Bane, and Cheetah. Slade is still his hardened self, realistically teaching the children the dangers and how to battle off the infected. Just as everyone seems to get situated and find comfort, the tides turn. Mirror Master comes for his revenge and infects Bane. Once, Bane is infected he breaks the wall between the orphanage and the outside mob of the infected. And, that’s how this issue concludes. With the remainder of everyone in the orphanage about to put up the fight of their lives.

DCeased: Unkillables #2

The Good and The Bad

Throughout the story, there are some great scenes and dialogue within this story. We do get an unexpected cameo as well in this story, which like Wonder Woman’s reappearance was unforeseen. The story shines in some spots, where it doesn’t in others.

To resume, there were some inconsistencies aside from the art. For example, Mirror Master’s vengeance would of make more sense, if it was an immediate response after becoming infected. However, he waited over three months before he made his return to infect everyone. There are some scenarios where a character acted in a manner that they normally wouldn’t for humorous dialogue or a quick scene. Which in my opinion brings down the overall quality of the comic.

However, I’m looking forward to seeing how the conclusion of this mini-series will pan out, and what new character cameos we might be treated with. There is truly no telling how the next issue will end.