How One Fandom Battles Against Suicide

If you have ever been a member of a fandom, you know how it feels to be a part of something. There’s a fan group for almost everything imaginable, but there are few that make a statement as large of as the Snyder Cut Movement. Today is Semicolon Day, a day to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention, so let’s take a look at the positive impact the movement has had.

Why We Fight

In the post-production stage of Justice League director, Zack Snyder and his family went through a terrible tragedy. His daughter Autumn Snyder died of suicide at the age of 20. Zack stepped away from the film to be with his family.

“I’ve decided to take a step back from the movie to be with my family, be with my kids, who really need me. They are all having a hard time. I’m having a hard time.”

– Zack Snyder, from The Hollywood Reporter.

At this point, Warner Bros. hired Director Joss Whedon to step in. Fans were told that it was minimal work and that Joss was finishing up Zack’s vision. Unfortunately, the theatrical release of 2017’s Justice League was not what fans of the DC extended universe were expecting. For those keen to Zack Snyder’s directing style, it was obvious from the start that something wasn’t right. Many fans were upset and wanted to get to the bottom of this.

Birth Of A Movement

Fans went online and began to see that they were not alone in thinking that the film that was released was much different than Zack’s original plan. Fans noted that many of the scenes from the trailers they were shown were either severely altered or not in the film at all. And just days after the theatrical release the infamous hashtag, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut was born.

Alongside tweets, there was an online campaign, rewritten by our own Sheraz Farooqi, that reached nearly 180,000 signatures urging Warner Bros. to let fans see Zack’s true vision. The campaign from called for Warner Bros. to “right their wrongs” towards Zack and the entire cast and crew of Justice League. It was shared across the internet, and is still up to view today, and has comments left from those who signed.

But the movement doesn’t just stop at making an impact online, since the conception of the movement in 2017 it has always stood for artistic integrity, and suicide prevention. The movement that was founded on grassroots beginnings, has become much more.

More Than A Movement

For those in the Snyder cut movement, there’s a deep connection to Zack’s work. Some regard his films as a major turning point in their life, that helped them through tremendous struggles. Whether these struggles are mental health, personal hardships, or just helping ours during a dark time. Fans connected with the depth that Zack gave these characters, something many felt was missing from Justice League.

So, it goes hand in hand that the fight for the Snyder cut has also become a fight to combat suicide. Many in the Snydercut movement have helped raise money through many different avenues for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Even having Zack himself join in on the effort to raise money.

From the first campaign in March of 2018, #JusticePledge Twitter Campaign, where fans donated money they would’ve spent on the “Justice League” Blu-Ray to the AFSP. To the most recent #BvS4Years campaign where fans donated money to the AFSP and FeedingAmerica charities, the movement has raised $171,408. Members of the community have always come out to help raise money, no matter the campaign.

Aside from hashtag fundraising campaigns, the movement has done many other events to help raise money. Some have a more personal touch to them such as birthday fundraisers, where people have set up their own campaigns to have money directed to the AFSP instead of receiving gifts. For Zack’s birthday last month, there was a fundraiser for his birthday, where fans raised $523 to celebrate.

There have been campaigns to raise money for banners to fly over Warner Bros. Studios, along with an electric banner during the 2019 FA cup. The banners began in November of 2018, and still, go on to this day. With a portion of the proceeds of the funding for the banner going to the AFSP.

Project Comic-Con

During the last 2 years, there has been a Snydercut presence at San Diego, and New York City Comic Cons. As well as other international conventions. Where they help in raising money for suicide prevention, as well as spreading the word of Zack’s cut.

Lead by members in the movement there’s a ground team effort to spread awareness for the film, whether it’s using signs, T-shirts, or word of mouth. Outside the convention centers, there’s been digital screens and banners that were crowd-funded by fans. As always, money raised for T-shirts, banners, and digital banners took a portion to give to the AFSP. At these comic cons, members educate those who are unaware of what the movement stands for. Even getting support from creators such as Rob Liefield.

T-shirt Campaigns, galore!

Outside of fundraising for banners, birthdays, and comic con t-shirt campaigns have given members of a movement a more physical way to represent. There have been many t-shirt campaigns over the years. Starting with the “I LOVE ZS” shirt raising $1,388 to the AFSP, and the most recent “Semi-Colon; Our Story Isn’t Over Yet” shirts raising $181.

During December of 2019, there was a special t-shirt campaign announced by Zack Snyder himself. Zack tweeted out a link to Ink To The People,, the company used for all shirt campaigns that will donate proceeds directly to AFSP, or any charity of the creator’s choice. The merchandise he was selling had a new logo, and logo’s of heroes that were cut from his film.

Seeing the logo for Zack’s cut of the film showed that there is no slowing down for this movement. Zack gave the movement a boost, and in doing so raised over $34,000 for the AFSP. It was a huge moment for the movement, they were getting branded merchandise for a cut they have been fighting for since 2017. It showed fans that the cut they are fighting for is Zack’s vision and that he was right there beside them while campaigning.

What’s Next?

These events are just the tip of what this movement has done. With “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” hidden in the vaults of Warner Bros., it’s safe to assume that the campaigns will not stop. And with the impending HBO Max release coming, many fans are still extremely eager to see Zack’s true vision for his League. With the support of Zack, the movement is stronger and stronger each day and continues to spread awareness for suicide prevention while campaigning for artistic integrity. Members of the Snyder cut movement will keep fighting for suicide prevention long after the cut is released.

For a total list of campaigns by the Snyder Cut Movement see below. There have been so many unique, and personal campaigns from fans all around the world. The Snyder Cut Campaign shows another fandom’s the impact one person can have, and that anyone can lead.