The Need For Proper Muslim Representation in Hollywood – A Discussion with Saad Tasleem

Joining the podcast today is Saad Tasleem, an Islamic Scholar, educator, and public speaker. Tasleem works with the Western Muslim youth on balancing faith and culture.

The portrayal of Muslims on screen in Hollywood has been less-than-stellar. Muslims are commonly portrayed as the villains of the story, often relegated to being terrorists. Today in 2020, there is still much work to be done but there are sparks of hope. Ms. Marvel, a Muslim superhero, is getting her own series on Disney+. On the DC side, Simon Bazz, the Green Lantern is another Muslim superhero growing in popularity.

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Today’s charity is Islamic Relief USA. They provide disaster relief, carry out sustainable development work to provide winter aid, water, food, shelter, healthcare, education in the long-term. They also work to support orphans and children”