Ice Cream Man: A Temptation For All Your Sins

Written By: W. Maxwell Prince

Art By: Martin Morazoo

Colorist: Chris O’Halloran

If you’re looking for a new comic series to throw yourself into, boy do I have a series for you. Throughout the uncertain times of the world, I’ve been seeking new books and new comics that I can lose myself into.  

The Ice Cream Man comic series is a must-read that you will not forget, and reading this comic has been one of my best comic book decisions to date. Based on the front cover of Issue #1, I wasn’t expecting very much out of the Ice Cream Man. But I will say, don’t let the inviting, friendly, front cover fool you. This is a series of one-shot stories of nightmarish, blood-curdling stories. 

The Ice Cream man is a demon of some sort, or the devil himself, hell he may even be a voice inside your head. This series presentation of each adventure within each comic is profoundly sinister. This series truly does present a flavor for everyone’s misery. With each story you fall a little further down the rabbit hole, falling endlessly anticipating the horrific turn of events that will lead to the conclusion. It has a very Twilight Zone-ish feel to it, and I mean that in the best way. This is a horror series and in no way would I recommend someone of the younger audience to read this comic. 

When reading this comic, you will feel an abundance of things; shock, horror, sadness, and confusion. The list goes on, but these are just a few you’ll encounter. You’ll find both horror and humor within.  Each story is very unpredictable. Once you think you know the direction a story is headed, it takes a different turn. These one-shot stories are loosely connected to one another.  Each installment follows a strange story showcasing very strange characters. Some stories are petrifying, while others are heartbreaking in a sense.  

One visit from the Ice Cream Man and you’re on your way down the rabbit hole. However, these stories don’t have an Alice In Wonderland ending, not remotely close. From drugs to loss, physiological problems, family abandonment, and mental degeneration, these stories cover it all.  

Issue 6 stands out as one of the most memorable, due to the very eccentric style of storytelling.  It is a silent comic book that follows a young man down three distinct narratives, moving at different speeds; one panel shows days, one in months, and one spanning over years, yet ending the same way. We see three different colored panels to showcase which story we’re following. The graphics are at the forefront of this comic and are beautifully done. This eerie story is executed very well seeing we are told three different stories with no dialogue, and the art truly speaks for itself.  

Issue 13 is an uncommon issue that is a palindrome- which is an issue that can be read forward or backward, from the last panel to the first page. This unique feature is what makes it so unforgettable.  

There isn’t an exact word or sentence that can be used to describe a series like this. It’s unique and you won’t find another comic series that is close. This has been my first introduction into this genre of comics and I’m surprisingly pleased with this series. And the best part is, it’s an ongoing series. Issue #19 is looking at a release date of June 10th, 2020. With that being said you still have time to catch up or binge read the series before the next issue.