ComicBook Debate Joins Efforts to Observe Juneteenth

Juneteenth, otherwise known as Freedom Day and Emancipation Day, occurs on June 19th. It was the date that General Gordon Granger came to Texas to finally enforce the emancipation of the slaves. Up to that point, the Civil War had already been over for two months and the Emancipation Proclamation was delivered by President Abraham Lincoln occurred two and a half years prior to Juneteenth. The date is significant as it finally represented the nationwide freedom of slaves.

While the date has always been important to American history, Juneteenth was never celebrated on a nationwide scale as it needs to be. The date was commonly celebrated and recognized by those who originated from the state of Texas. After all, the date of June 19th is specifically tied to the day Texas finally freed its slaves, the final state to do so. While Juneteenth has slowly become recognized over time, it has not gotten the federal holiday that it deservingly needs.

In 2020, efforts to recognize Juneteenth have become louder than ever before. Following the murder of George Floyd and the protests against police brutality that followed around the country, people are clamoring for real change and improvement across the country. Juneteenth has quickly gotten more attention than previous years, as the country has gotten more socially conscious, and understandably frustrated by the racviusm that has become rampant across American society.

While Systematic racism can not be solved in a single day, week, or month, steps like recognizing Juneteenth are victories needed along the way. The nation is committed to making the voices Black America heard. People are donating, signing petitions, protesting in the streets, and will hopefully vote people to office represent their voices. This month, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James announced a “More Than A Vote” initiative to fight voter suppression and encouraging the Black vote in the United States.

In an effort to stand in solidarity with Juneteenth, ComicBook Debate will join publications and other brands around the nation to recognize Juneteenth as a holiday. We encourage you all to educate yourselves on the importance of Juneteenth and celebrate knowing there is still work to be done to cure the disease of racism in our nation.

We also encourage you to check this link from Black Lives Matter, which will lead you to multiple avenues to help. Whether you sign petitions, text, or call, donate, or protest yourselves, you can find resources all of it here.