JOKER’s Rumored Role in THE BATMAN Trilogy

The latest rumors surrounding THE BATMAN suggests that Matt Reeves is looking to cast a new version of The Joker in the sequel to 2021’s The Batman.

ComicBook Debate’s The Farooqi Brothers discuss the latest rumors and give our thoughts on if Joker is being overused on film and potential names that can be cast as the character like Willem Dafoe or LaKeith Stanfield.

The rumor comes from a report by The Direct and their contributor Daniel Richtman. According to the report, The Joker will be teased in Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN while being formally introduced in the second film. Unlike previous incarnations of The Joker, Matt Reeves intends to have the Clown Prince of Crime have a substantial role in both the second and third films of the trilogy.

The Batman and Joker artwork seen in the thumbnail comes from artist Datrinti. Check out all his work below.