Doom Patrol Season 2 Review: Still The Best DC Show

Season one of Doom Patrol was one of the best TV shows DC has delivered.  Season two made its grand debut June 25th on HBO Max.  With that being said, they released not just one episode but the first three episodes in one shot.  This was a brilliant idea if you ask me.  By doing this, it gave fans the opportunity to get a feel of season two compared to the first. However, now that the first three episodes are out, does the same quality hold up in the new season? And, is this season just as good as the first?

The first episode continues a couple of weeks after our finale. The Doom Patrol’s shrunken down to a small-scale, and attempting to get back to their normal size. All while dealing with their hatred towards their Chief Niles, following the fallout of him and the team in season one. In addition, we’re officially introduced to Nile’s daughter Dorothy. Although she may not look very ferocious, she is absurdly powerful. She has the capability to summon an ‘imaginary friend’ when she feels sad, happy, or scared. We get a bit of a sneak peek at what’s in store in the case that Dorothy loses control of her emotions. And, let’s just say if that happens it will be an unavoidable death for anyone in proximity. The quality and execution of how Dorothy looks are impressive. Her facial features are extraordinary, and I applaud the creative team behind the realistic look.

Rundown of our Characters

Throughout the first few episodes, we see character conflicts and struggles within each person on the show, and the wounds that Niles and Mr. Nobody left behind.  This leaves room for exceptional character development, as seen in the first season. Jane is losing control in the underground and struggles to stay as the primary persona. She is so damaged by recent events that she’s turned to drug use, which has suppressed everyone in the underground. Cyborg is dealing with his own trauma of his past and Mr. Nobody that he’s sought out comfort in a trauma group, and is relearning how to be sympathetic again. Cyborg’s costume, however, does have room for improvement. His faceplate looks as if it could fall off at any given moment. I’m hoping with the show having a bigger budget being on HBO Max, that we’ll see improvements next season.

 Larry is experiencing an overwhelming sense of guilt when losing someone close to him. Much like Larry, our Chief Niles is overcome with grief and guilt over what he’s done to everyone in the Doom Patrol. And, also struggles to try to keep Dorothy safe, after the destruction of Danny Street last season. Cliff is consumed by rage and is maddened over the life that was taken from him before he became Robotman. He is painting an image of his life as the great father that he never was, which adds even more fuel to his fire.  And unbelievably, Rita seems to be the most put together of the group. She isn’t struggling within herself so much but instead is attempting to become better in control of her powers and use them on command.

Each person is struggling with the emotions within themselves and isn’t handling them in the healthiest of ways. Which I believe, makes these characters very relatable to an audience. Although we don’t have superpowers, sometimes we become flooded with overwhelming emotions. Emotions of sadness, guilt, and a feeling of not being in control of our own lives. Seeing the Doom Patrol with these extraordinary capabilities and having human struggles like this speaks volumes, and makes the show very relatable in a sense.


We’re introduced to a couple of villains here and there. But, nothing has been clear as to who the main villain is yet. Unlike last season, we began our journey with our main villain narrating the entire season. I do miss Alan Tudyk’s Mr. Nobody- he added such an outspoken, humorous character to the show. I would like to see him make his return in a future season. He’s such an unforgettable character, and I miss that dynamic he brought in each episode.  I’ve always loved when shows have a character that breaks that fourth wall between the show and audience.

Is Season Two Better?

So to answer the question, yes. This season is right up to par with season one. It’s already significantly better than the previous and it seems that it will only improve more, the further we dive into this season.

It has a perfect balance between individual conflicts, as well as dealing with conflicts as a team. The show doesn’t have so many characters that it can’t keep up with all of the arcs going on at once. It hasn’t had a slow pace yet, and things are moving along quite quickly for the Doom Patrol. It will be interesting to see where the remainder of the season will take us, but I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic.