Invasion From Planet WrestleTopia – Review

Created & Written by: Edward Kuehnel and Matt Entin

Artist: Kendall Goode

Colorist: Jio Butler

Letterer: Sal Cipriano

Let’s rewind thirty years ago to the 90s when wrestling legends were born. Wrestling was a sensation globally and still is. However, I feel it was much more adorned during that era. Children worldwide were performing chokeslams on their siblings. Still to this day many quote The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and other legends of their time. Even though the ‘Don’t try this at home ‘ warning was always there, that didn’t stop kids from executing their favorite moves from their favorite wrestlers. Moreover, I have discovered a comic book series that is six issues long that brings a nostalgia feeling back. It’s a true gem, and I’m thrilled to share it with everyone. Although I’m not much of a wrestling fan nowadays, this comic series was a breath of fresh air and reminded me of that love I once had for wrestling.

The Contending Champion

Throughout this comic series, we follow fighter Rory Landell on possibly becoming the galactic champion of the entire universe. In the introductory pages, we see Rory is about to fight in the largest televised event and fight for the belt. Just before the match begins he is told for the sake of entertaining the audience he must lose the belt. He goes completely bonkers from hearing this news. And just before his fight begins he states on tv to everyone that he doesn’t need to fight in this match, since he’s already the galactic champion of the world and leaves. Over on planet WrestleTopia, they catch wind of what Landell had said and considered it a declaration of war. A steel cage is placed around earth, and the planet’s citizens invade and claim their leader ‘Manifest Destiny’ is the one and only champion. And, the only thing that could save our planet is Rory agreeing to a match of the century against WrestleTopia’s leader.

The Verdict

This comic series is a light-hearted, comical read that will have you laughing out loud. It truly feels like a blast from the past. These characters live, breathe, and eat wrestling. From each wrestler’s stage names and costumes, to catchy phrases, and the terminology used. Not to mention, the hints of cheesy moments throughout the series are very fitting if you’ve watched classic wrestling.

As a reader, you’re excited for whats to come next, because each adventure leads to another one even wilder than the last. Each issue is a fairly quick read, except for the last issue which is a whopping 47 pages long. The pacing is consistent and has a very upbeat feel throughout its entirety. The art is very pleasing and goes hand in hand with the storytelling. The coloring, the bold lettering, and the writing all fit cohesively together. This is a great comic series with a great group of people behind it. 

The comic is currently available on Comixology. It’s fairly priced, and one I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for a fun story.