WandaVision Review & First Reactions | Discussing The Future of Marvel Phase 4

WandaVision is a unique departure from the tried and true MCU formula of Phases 1-3. The series presents an opportunity for Marvel to take their characters out of the established boxes and try dynamic things with them.

Elizabeth Olsen shines in the role and takes Wanda to new places emotionally. The series is undoubtably a slow burn but the potential is sky high for the series. The Farooqi Bros break down everything audiences need to know about WandaVision series, the drastically different tone, and why younger fans might have a hard time with the first two episodes before easing into the premise.

The Farooqi Bros discuss WandaVision and provide our first reactions to the series. We also discuss the upcoming 2020-2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series.