Yara Flor, The Future of Wonder Woman.

It’s been a little over a week since DC comic readers were introduced to their newest Wonder Woman, Yara Flor. Following the events of DEATH METAL, Yara breathes new life into the iconic DC heroine.

Will Yara be the hero the world needs?

Deep in the Amazon Rainforest

Future State: Wonder Woman 1 is written and drawn by Joëlle Jones. It opens up with narration telling us who Yara is, and how she came to be. Yara brings a uniqueness that is much needed to the long history of Wonder Woman. Her story seems mysterious at times. While you are reading through the pages you get lost in speculation of how she came to be.

She establishes early on in her story that she is a highly skilled, and confident fighter. She is equipped with a sword, bracers, and boleadoras. She tests these weapons, and powers while fighting a Hydra deep in the forest.

As she is fighting this monster we meet her stead, a winged horse named Jerry. Although Yara is gifted with flight, along with other Amazon skills, she uses Jerry moreso as a companion.

Image: Joëlle Jones/DC Comics

To the Underworld

After her battle with this mythical creature she ventures to try to seek Hades in the Underworld. She is on a mission to save one of her Amazon sisters from his grasp.

She tries to take a tusk from a dead Hydra, but is stopped by an acquaintance whom also lives in the forest, Caipora. Yara and Caipora have get into a brief fight while Yara is trying to take the tusk. They both agree to journey to the Underworld together.

Jones does an impeccable job of showing Yara’s personality. She has such a unique way about her, and it shines especially during the next few pages. She is full of humor, impatience, and is also incredibly cunning.

This Is My Reality?

Yara and Caipora make it to the Underworld, and it is full of those wandering trying to find their way to the after life. Caipora tells Yara that in the Underworld that souls are sorted and sent to the afterlife they envision for themselves.

They continue their way, and end up in line to meet Hades. But, not all goes to plan, and after Yara wakes the Cerberus, and the first issue ends there. The ending leaves the reader eager for more of this story, to see how Yara defeats the three headed beast. To see who this amazon sister is, and how she will defeat Hades in order to save her.

Image: Joëlle Jones/DC Comics

The Future

Wonder Woman 1 is a great start to the origin of Yara Flor. It delves deeply into the land of legends, magic, and heroism. It gives a fresh new face to the history of Wonder Woman, and brings much needed Brazilian representation forth. With Yara also appearing in Future State titles she is going to quickly become one of the staples in the DC Comics Universe.