#BuiltDifferent | Daredevil in Spider-Man 3

Welcome to ComicBook Debate’s #BuiltDifferent stream. Every Sunday from 8-9 PM ET, join The Farooqi Bros as they discuss the biggest topics of the week, fun behind the scenes insights, and who knows, maybe joined by special guests.

Tonight, The Farooqi Brothers discuss the rollercoaster updates of Ray Fisher’s Role in The Flash. We breakdown each update as it happened from Walter Hamada’s contract extension, the reports that #Cyborg will be removed from The Flash, Ray Fisher’s statement on Twitter, Ann Sarnoff’s rebuttal and finally, Fisher’s audio recording with WarnerMedia’s investigator.

We also discuss the reports from our friend Brandon Davis that Charlie Cox will not only reprise his role as #Daredevil but he was recently on set for Spider-Man 3. We break down our thoughts the latest rumors.

We also discuss the report from Deadline that Chris Evans will return as Captain America. Evans later downplayed the rumors via Twitter that it was news for him. The Farooqi Bros give their analysis and why the report is likely true. We then discuss how Captain America can be used in Marvel’s Phase 4.