Emergency Water Aid Initiative – Completion of First Water Well

Through your generous donations, the Farooqi Brothers have worked with the Paani team to construct a well in the village of Bitri Meghwar, in Pakistan. We would like to share photos of the process from start to finish with you all.

Marking the location of construction
                                Building the inner layer of the well
Finalizing Construction of the well 
Clean Water Flowing               
Peace Sign from the villagers with the Completed Well

Your donations have caused a tremendous positive impact on these villagers and we hope you understand the magnitude of your efforts. Thank you again for your gratitude and hopefully together as a community, we can continue putting smiles on these women and children’s faces.

The construction of six more large deepwater wells and 2 smaller wells in refugee villages within Pakistan are currently in development with the money raised but we hope photos of the completed first well provide a sense of reality to the initiative. 

The Prophet Muhammad (upon him be peace) has mentioned that amongst the good deeds that establish a continuous reward for someone even after their death is to help in the digging of wells.

(Musnad al-Bazzar 2773 – Authenticated by As-Suyooti) 

We pray God rewards you all with guidance, health, and most of all His Mercy – Paradise. 


Our heartfelt thanks

Sheraz Farooqi

Zayyan Farooqi

Omer Kamal Farooqi

Sameer Hassan Farooqi