The Boogeyman – Review – A Childhood Fear Come to Life

The Boogeyman is another live-action addition to Stephen King’s work. The short story by Stephen King is a great addition to his spine-chilling world where it feeds into the well-known and shared visceral childhood fear of “the monster in the closet and under the bed” trope. The story is set with a family stroked by the tragic death of their mother, navigating through the fears and struggles with the addition of a sinister monster preying on that very same grief.

The film’s biggest shortfall is in its pacing and showcasing of the struggles that the family face. However, once the story paces itself better it becomes a thrilling story where the characters all undergo significant development and maturation.

The Boogyman – 20th Century Studios

All performances in the film were stellar Christopher Messina delivers a brilliant performance as the father balancing his grief and responsibilities to his daughters, however, the shining stars were Sophie Thatcher and Vivien Lyra Blair whose sisterly bond and independent struggles and fears were delivered brilliantly. An honorable mention is also David Dastmalchian with his eerie and haunted performance.

The directing, cinematography, and score all work perfectly to create the right atmosphere and showcase the fear and tension in the story. Horror fans will enjoy this film very much but will also be left wanting more, the PG13 limit is both great for budding horror fans but a hindrance for avid horror fans as you’re left wanting more of the monsters lore. The plot and its intentions are present however it sometimes falls short.

The Boogyman – 20th Century Studios

The ambiguous ending of the film leaves you with something to chew on and theorize. The humor inserted into the film for the most part is organic and meshes well with the story yet also feels forced in some scenes.

Overall The Boogeyman feeds into the audience’s shared fears and grief and allows the audience to relate on multiple levels. It’s a good time for horror fans and fans of Stephen King alike.